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African American Men and Women Different Hair Texture

Men and women have different genes, and we can say that they are different in hair textures and other things because of other genes.

The difference in faces, a difference in body and difference in hair. These all changes are due to the hormones and how our body is reacting to these things. We have often seen that some people from the same community got different styles.

Hair Texture

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Like women are having straight hair but men have curly hair. Why this kind of thing is possible? Well let me tell you the reason behind this and how is it possible to have different textures when you belong to the same community.

As we all know, that child adapts every feature and changes from their parents during development.

If their parents have silky hair, then there are high chances that baby is going to have silky hair but if their parents have curly hair then, of course, a child has curly hair too.

Hair Texture

Image From Dark Brown Hair

We have seen that black women have the hair style. Caucasian and black men have curly style. That is quite weird that why this is happening and why they both have so much difference in their hair when they are from the same community.

That doesn’t matter that every women hair are Caucasian style, some have total curly hair which looks like men too. And some men have different hair texture than curly hair.

It all depends on the genetic order and features of their parents. Usually, girls hair are long and due to this reason their hair are straight from the starting and curl of their hair come to an end.

But some women have curly frizzy hair which looks like curl from starting till the end, and it happens due to the hormonal changes in the body.


Image from Dark Brown Hair

Our hair texture depends on our parents as well as on hormones too.

The hormone which is responsible for giving Caucasian style to the hair is in women mostly because mothers of these babies provide this hormone into the girl while boys have that kind of curly hair from their father.

We can say that all our style we are getting regarding face cut or hair style, we are getting this all from our parents and ancestors.

African American women have great styles, and they are getting these styles from their parent, but every woman is not having the same hair from their mother.

Hair Texture

Image From Dark Brown Hair

This question is entirely related to the Biology, and it involves lots of hormones and other chemical reactions with it.

We can’t say that baby girl is always going to have her African American hair style, and boy is always going to have his African American father hair.

But in most of the cases, we can see that adoption level in babies is the same.

It all depends on our gene and hormonal changes which take place during our development inside the mother and how we turned out in the end. That is an interesting and thoughtful question for everyone.

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