Top Black Entrepreneurs, Founders and CEO from Silicon Valley.

It has noticed that African American founders are showing significant progress, and many magazines, as well as newspapers, are printing about them.

There is no doubt that these people are trying their best to make their reputation and to trying to show to the world that they are not less than anyone.

Some of them are graduates from excellent colleges and universities which is the proof of their talent and how much hard work they have put in their studies to be at this position.

Image from the Verge

Image from the Verge

Some of the best black founders and entrepreneurs are listed below, let’s have a look at their lives and efforts.

1. Aston Motes, Employee # 1, Dropbox. MIT CS grad:

Aston Motes has the title of being a first employee to the company known as the drop box, and he helped the founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in establishing the business which is now on the list of well-known companies.

Aston Motes is the visible example of hard work and consistency in the field and how he made his place in the society. He is known as the most famous person in the Silicon Valley.

He said to the people who are about to start the company “My hope is that when people start companies now, they’ll be a little more careful about those early recruiting efforts.”

He further said, “If your network isn’t diverse in and of itself, then you’ve already set yourself up for a non-diverse company.”

He further said, “If your network isn’t diverse in and of itself, then you’ve already set yourself up for a non-diverse company.”

2. David Drummond (SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal, Google):

David Drummond is the Senior Vice President of the corporate development of the alphabet.

He served as Chief Legal Officer of Google as well. For the legal, public policy, communications, corporate development/mergers and acquisitions, and product quality operations, he took control of the team when he joined Google in 2012.

His position as a chairman includes Google’s investment arms, Google Ventures, and Google Capital. From Santa Clara University he got his bachelor’s degree in history, and from Stanford Law School he completed his J.D.

He is known as the most hard working person with the innovative ideas in the technological industry.

3. Michael Seibel (Co-Founders, CEO,

Michael Seibel is working at a Y Combinator as a full-time partner. From 2007-2011 he worked as a co-founder and chief executive officer of and in 2012 he worked as a CEO of socialism.

From 2007-2011 he worked as a co-founder and chief executive officer of and in 2012 he worked as a CEO of socialism.

From the group of amazing investors, socialism raised angel financing by participating in Y Combinator in 2012. For 60m$ it sold to Auto Inc. Under the control of Emmett, Shear sold to Amazon for $970m in 2014.

He made his name in this field by showing his abilities to the world.

Image from the Verge

Image from the Verge

4. Craig Davis – Founder & CEO, Relevant (

Craig Davis started his career with quant developing complex algorithms and models but later he began working in the companies like Credit Suisse and Banc of America.

In 2006 Craig left the company and moved towards the technology. From UC Berkeley Craig graduated in Computer Science Engineering and Economics.

Craig has now taken his mind-boggling foundation and skill to concentrate on building up a big stage that permits brands and organizations to influence social and other enormous information sources to comprehend better and focus on their clients with endless significant choices.

He is in San Francisco now.

5. Trevor Johnson:

Trevor Johnson is a Senior Financial Advisor of Tech Wealth Management. Trevor helps people in understanding their financial goals and what should be their priority?

He creates the strategies for them to help them in achieving the goals. From UCLA Trevor has bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) designation since 2003 as well.

He is doing so well in the finance industry to make people understand their goals and helping them in their startups. Trevor Johnson is another black man example who is rising due to his talent.

6. Kalimah Priforce (Co-Founder, Qeyno Labs) ~ Haitian-American:

Kalimah Priforce was just eight years old when he did hunger strike against the Brooklyn group successfully. This attack helps him in getting the attention of Buddhist monks, and then they educate him privately until the age of 14.

After he had left everything, she met Dr. Lorraine who was a legendary educator in NY. He motivated him to be the innovator and bring out his potential.

At the age of 16, Kalimah started his first primary tech for the low-income neighborhood and adults.

In 2000 his younger brother got shot due to which it helps her to have the strong commitment to the Institute to inspire the children.

7. Curtiss Pope (

Curtiss Pope is a Chief Executive Officer and founder of Aislefinder LLC. At Food 4 Less when Curtis was a teenager worked as a clerk, collecting shopping carts and help customers in finding the grocery items in the store.

He did a job to help a mother to pay bills, and they all were nine siblings. He got an idea to start up the business. Now the Pope is an American African 29-year-old male who is doing business.

He asked for the finding when he began the business, but now this company aims to help the customers in finding the grocery items in the store.

8. Tristan Walker (Director, Business Development, Foursquare):

Tristan Walker was the Director of Business Development for Foursquare, but there he watched strategic partnerships and monetization.

In this part, Tristan oversaw combinations with strong brands and media elements including American Express, The New York Times, CNN, MTV, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Starbucks.

The name of the Tristan is on the list of 100 most influential people in Ebony’s Magazine. Tristan is the Founder and Chairman of CODE2040. From Stony Brook University, he has a bachelor’s degree in economics.

From the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, he has a degree of MBA.

9. Laurence Toney:

Laurence Toney is also known as Lo, is the partner at GV. The specialization of Laurence Toney is in consumer technology investments, with an emphasis on mobile messaging, marketplaces, and e-commerce.

He worked as a long-time adviser to companies like and eBay. From the Haas School of Business ( the University of California at Berkeley) he got his MBA degree.

He also completed his management of technology program with the college of engineering. From Hampton University in Virginia, he got his B.S degree. He is an attractive man with the great strategies and advice.

Image from Time

Image from Time

10. Joe Hurd:

Joe Hurd is an entrepreneur, public servant, and an African American lawyer. He worked as a board member of Bullis Charter School and the American Swiss Foundation.

Joe also worked as an adviser to many companies in the Unites States. He worked at AOL. Inc as an as an Executive Director. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

He worked hard to achieve this position in the society and to stand out by the intelligence and talent.

Hurd is a Senior Fellow with the Truman National Security Project which is all about the international trade and export promotion issues.

11. John Thompson:

John W. Thompson is a chairman of Microsoft, an American businessman and is the CEO of privately held Virtual Instruments.

He is the former chief executive of Symantec and former Vice President of IBM. Due to this hard work and passion, he gets appointed as an independent director on the board of Microsoft.

John Thompson received the Pioneer Business Leader Award due to his passion for education in Silicon Valley at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s 2010 Pioneers & Purpose event.

Due to his outstanding accomplishments in business and teaching, he gets recognized.

12. Charles Philips:

Infor is a company that deals in an enterprise software solution, and this is the specialization of the industry to work with the industries. Charles Philips is a CEO of the Infor.

From 2003 to 2010 Charles Philips was director and co-president of Oracle Corporation.

He is also a director of Viacom Corporation. Infor is known as the world’s third largest provider of enterprises applications and services.

It is a privately owned company which is quite a big thing. In the late 2000’s recession Charles Philips appointed as a member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board to provide the counseling and advice on the recession.

13. Phil Bronner:

Phil Bronner has a passion for transforming the lives of the students, and this man is quite passionate and amazing when it comes to providing education to the students and to the people who are less fortunate.

He is a CEO and founder of Quad learning. This organization is working to improve the talent of the student and to develop global citizens.

They are developing partnerships with the leading US high educational institutional. From Carnegie Mellon University he got a degree of BS in Computer Science.

From the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Law he got a degree of Juris doctorate, and from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, he got a degree of Master of Business Administration.

14. Charles Hudson (Venture Partner, SoftTech VC, and former VP Biz Dev at Serious Business, Co-Founder Bionic Panda):

Charles Hudson is a Managing Partner of Precursor Ventures as well as Venture Partner with SoftTech VC. The company is focusing on investing business-to-consumer and business-to-business software companies.

The company which was based on the Android phone games and located in the San Francisco named Bionic Panda Games. Charles was a CEO and founder of the enterprise.

From the Stanford Graduate School of Business he has a degree of MBA, and from Stanford University he has a degree of BA in Economics and Spanish.

Image from Time

Image from Time

15. Kurt Collins:

A mobile identity company was known as Enola operated by Kurt Collins who is also a founder of this endeavor. He is a co-founding mentor at The Hidden Genius Project, and at Youth Radio he works as a Youth Development.

He is a mentor of high school-aged black males and helps them in learning STEM-related skills so they can learn about the technology too.

He worked in companies like Silicon Graphics, Razor?sh and CNET Networks (for the Games and Entertainment division) as an engineer in the starting of his career.

16. Gene Wade:

According to the Gene Wade, education is the only way to help people and society in facing challenges. The aim of Gene Wade’s life is to provide higher education to everyone who is in need of it.

Gene Wade was co-founder & CEO of Platform Learning, the aim of the organization is to provide education to the low-income students throughout the United States.

Gene Wade was also a corporate bankruptcy attorney. From the Wharton School, he got a degree of MBA, from Harvard law school he got J.D and from the Morehouse College he got BA degree.

17. Paul Qantas Judge:

Paul Qantas Judge is a noted scholar and a serial entrepreneur. He is the reason behind many successful companies founded by him. Pindrop Security is a company which provides the solution for anti-fraud calls.

Dr. Judge is the Executive chairman and co-founder of this endeavor. Another company which is the creator of the robotic bartender known as Monsieur, is co-founded by Dr. Judge.

Currently, Paul Qantas Judge is working as a VP and Chief Research Officer at Barracuda Network.

He is the reason behind many successful companies founded by him.

Pindrop Security is a company which provides the solution for anti-fraud calls. Dr. Judge is the Executive chairman and co-founder of this endeavor.

Another company which is the creator of the robotic bartender known as Monsieur, is co-founded by Dr. Judge. Currently, Paul Qantas Judge is working as a VP and Chief Research Officer at Barracuda Network.


18. Ory Okollah:

Ory Okollah is a co-founder of Ushahidi; she is a Kenyan blogger as well as the indefatigable open-government activist. Currently, she is working as a policy manager in Africa for Google.

Her role as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader is very appreciative all around the world. She is the inspiration for thousands of women who are struggling to be like her.


19. Juliana Rotich:

For the coverage of the topics related to the environment and for the crowdsourcing crisis information she developed tools. Juliana is an Information Technology professional who is very passionate and loveable towards her field.

She is working in the area of technology for ten years, and she has served many companies with the help of her talent.

Image from the Verge

Image from the Verge

20. Bob Holden:

Bob Holden is working as an Advisor in my rewards tree. He is another black man who is an inspiration to many people who are still trying to make their lives better.

He has worked with the founders of TreatFeed to develop the pitch deck that was presented to Norwest Venture Capital and resulted in TreatFeed obtaining $4.5 Million in Series B financing.

21. Cheryl Contee:

Cheryl Contee is a business person, blogger, and a writer. She co-founded one of the top 10 black blogs in 2008. Cheryl is the co-founder of Fission Strategy and

From the Yale University she got her B.A degree, and from Georgetown University she has an International Executive M.B.A. Fission Strategy, women- and minority-owned tech company which are co-founded by her.

22. David Dundas:

Davis Dundas is a CEO of Decisive which he joined in 2013. Decisive is a self-serve mobile advertising platform that makes it easy to execute, analyze and optimize mobile advertising campaigns.

He worked as the co-founder in which is an Apartment listing website for the Boston Metropolitan Area.

From the Boston College, he got his BS degree in Information system and marketing. He worked as Director Business development in Thumb play from 2004 to 2007.

23. Jon Gosier, CEO & Founder at metaLayer and Appfrica:

Jon Gosier is an investor, data-scientist, and serial tech entrepreneur.

He worked as a consultant in the companies like EMC, Google, FEMA, InQTel, The World Bank, U.S. Department of State, Wounded Warriors and as a sub-contractor to the Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin.

He won several awards because of his performance and great work. He discussed the dual-nature of technology’s effect on capitalism and society in 2014 TED Talk on “Economics.”

From the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Harvard Initiative for Global Health, and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) he got several awards.

24. Michael Mathieu:

Michael Mathieu is a chairman and CEO of SET media. The platform has a title of first content targeting platform for online video advertising.

The company based in San Francisco, and the technology provides unparalleled, in-stream visibility, giving brands, agencies, publishers, and networks “TV-like” clarity and control over where ads appear.

Michael is the CEO of a Company a premier video ad network known as Yume. Michael was President of Internet Division Freedom Communications and was a critical member of Freedom’s Senior Executive Team.

Image from the Verge

Image from the Verge

25. Clarence Wooten:

Clarence co-founded Metamorphosis Studios, an interactive multimedia development firm in 1993. In this business, he worked as CEO and Creative Director till 1998.

Clarence co-founded and served as CEO of too. In magazines like Forbes ASAP, Entrepreneur, CNNfn, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company magazine the articles about Clarence has published.

While an undergraduate student, Clarence has launched and operated numerous technology companies since founding his first company Envision Designs.

26. Tiffani Ashley Bell:

Tiffany has a degree of systems and computer sciences from the Howard University.

She is an executive director of the social utility and the Human Utility seeks to eliminate water service disconnections for low-income and senior citizens.

Tiffani co-founded the company known as Well wishes from 2009 to 2010for about five months. She was a contributing blogger to the black web 2.0 for three years.

27. Brian Patterson:

In the Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices of Gunderson Dettmer, Brian Patterson known as a business, corporate and securities attorney.

Brian is passionate, and he put all his efforts and hard work in entrepreneurship and technology. With companies formation and governance matters, deal structuring, equity, and debt financing transactions, public offerings, a variety of M&A, strategic and commercial operations and fundamental intellectual property, employment and stock and option matters Brian has a great experience in dealing.

With companies formation and governance matters, deal structuring, equity, and debt financing transactions, public offerings, a variety of M&A, strategic and commercial operations and fundamental intellectual property, employment and stock and option matters Brian has a great experience in dealing.


28. Wesly Michel:

Wesly Michel is enthusiastic about new mobile products and development.

She is working as a senior engineer in Feld Direct. In Silicon Valley, Wesly consulted and developed projects for some entrepreneurs and small business owners. She specialized in LAMP technologies and mobile web applications.

She also specialized in other things including database design, user interface, e-commerce, security, web services, server administration and quality assurance.

Image from IB times

Image from IB times

29. Don Charlton:

He is a founder and CPO of Jazz; His aim is to inspire the young minds and to prepare them for the upcoming challenges. He loves to spread the light of education all around the place.

From the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has a BFA. He fulfills his passion for creating the exceptional user experience and give freedom to his entrepreneurial spirit in 2009 by launching The Resumator.

30. Sheldon Gilbert:

Sheldon Gilbert is a founder and CEO of Proclivity Media. From Yale University he got a degree in Molecular Biochemistry and Physics.

Sheldon worked as a Senior Consultant (Analytic Databases & Business Intelligence Services) in Fort point partners from 1999 to 2003.

He worked as a Director of Business Intelligence & Data Mining at BlueFly from 2003 to 2005. And now he is a proud entrepreneur. He is proudly contributing to the Information technology and services.

31. Amos Winbush III:

Amos Winbush III is CEO of CyberSynchs, a company that stores and transfers data from all media devices.

Within two weeks they had 13,000 subscribers signed up just after the week of Presidential election when he launched it in 2008. At 32, Amos is one of the youngest and brightest CEO’s in the tech industry.

Amos views today’s world of technology as an ecosystem supporting innovation and valuing disruptor’s around the world focusing on providing access to opportunity for under-served communities.

32. Ty Ahmad-Taylor:

Since November 10, 2015, Ty Ahmad-Taylor has been Chief Executive Officer of THX Ltd. FanFeedr, a real-time personalized sports feed is a company founded by Ty Ahmad-Taylor, and he is a CEO too.

Ahmad served as Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product Development, at Viacom, where he was the product lead and manager for,,,, and other online MTV properties.

From Haverford College, he got a Bachelor’s degree, and from Columbia, he got a master’s degree.

33. Jay Ward:

With over 20 years of experience drafting, negotiating and interpreting a broad range of technology licensing and commercial contracts, with a strong background in social media, consumer internet services, privacy law, and SaaS technologies Jay Ward is an attorney.

He has a demonstrated track record of success in taking ownership of projects and driving them to completion.

34. Jeanine LeFlore (one of two women):

Jeanine is a founder of, and she experienced in operationally running businesses including marketing, product management, business development, public relations, engineering, user experience design, and customer care.

She has specialization in social media, social networking, social discovery, real-time data analytics, SaaS, building online communities, Virtual Economies, Avatars, and the Millennial generation.

Due to her hard work Piczo is listed as top ten social networks in the world.

35. Lisa Gelobter at BET:

She is Chief Digital Service Officer of the U.S. Department of Education currently.

She also worked as Interim Head of Digital and VP, Digital Product, Technology & Operations in Black Entertainment Television from 2010 to 2015 in NY. BET Networks, a division of Viacom, is the leading provider of media and entertainment for African Americans and consumers of Black culture globally.

She is the reason behind the success of several firms.

36. Ranah Edelin at Raptr:

We all know about the website we heart it. Ranah Edelin is the CEO of that site and this site designed for the people who like to see visuals of love.

He also worked as a Co-Founder and CEO of SingShot Media, an online karaoke service that EA acquired in 2007.

Ranah has also been a VP at EA as well as the COO at Raptr, a social network for gamers with over 18 million users. From Stanford University Ranah has an MBA degree, and from Brown University he has a BA degree.

He is also a Japanese language speaker and offered by the government of Japan to avail scholarship to study at Nagoya University.

37. Ron J. Williams, CEO & Co-founder at SnapGoods:

SnapGoods is the most secure and least demanding approach to associate individuals so they can lease or acquire gear from inside their system or neighborhood. SnapGoods is about getting you snared.

We need people to live more quick witted and more associated without the dedication to owning everything. Ron J. Williams is the CEO and Co-founder at SnapGoods.

Image from IB times

Image from IB times

38. Louis Willacy at is the third largest social networking website with over 20 million monthly unique visitors. Louis is the General Counsel and VP of Business Development for this company.

He also worked as a Co-Founder and former General Counsel/COO of Innovate Media.

He also joined as a Former Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for the Deal, L.L.C., publisher of The Deal, the Daily Deal and Corporate Control Alert, providing general legal counsel and advice concerning all company matters including, corporate, finance, real estate, litigation, intellectual property, licensing, libel and employment issues.

39. Navarrow Wright Co-Founder

Navarro is known as the person who makes people realize that through technology and education how you can change the lives of the others. Navarrow Wright is the CTO of Interactive One.

Interactive one is a company which aims African American and Urban market.

He also works as the technical management of the Radio One Network’s radio sites. From Rider University he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

40. Ade Olonoh Founder/CEO of Formspring:

Ade is the CEO and Co-founder of Formspring. This platform helps people in getting to know each other on the better level. In June 2010 he moved the company to the San Francisco, but he founded this company in in Indianapolis in 2009.

He also served as a key member of the IT management team for Gannett’s The Indianapolis Star. He developed several web apps, like Tweet140 and Ponyfish.

41. Matt Hunter:

Matt Hunter is a Chief Product Officer at Tubular Labs. He also worked as a head of product/ digital marketing director at from 2007 to 2011. revolutionized the UK car insurance industry. He used to work for a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain and company from 2003 to 2007.

From the University of Oxford, he has a degree of Master of Arts (M.A.), Economics & Management. From Tsinghua University he has a degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), (MIT International MBA Program).

42. Heather Hiles – CEO & Founder, Pathbrite (formerly rrripple):

She is COO and co-founder of rrripple. She experienced in business startup and development. Heather is a passionate person when it comes to her work, and she is doing work with so many groups who want their companies to lift up.

She worked as a Executive Director, Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) ” CEO, the Hiles Group, LLC, change Management (110 organizations) ” Communications Director, Newsom for Mayor, ” Commissioner, SF Unified School District ” Member, Board of Directors, Social Venture Network; Alonzo King LINES Ballet; Leadership Public Schools.

43. Damian Madray –

Damian is the Principal at DXLab in San Francisco.

He was also working as a Founder & Experiential Artist at The Glint from 2011 till now.

He is also a founder of Hunter and it’s a community that connects designers, authors, and developers for design feedback that improves their work.

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