Why Minority of African-Americans are Working in the Internet startup space.

Many people are trying to attract the people towards the main issues in the American-African society and by talking about these topics they can change the society.

With no good examples that have utilized advanced education to excel in life, the easiest course of action is to take after the same way as their folks who didn’t have the same open doors: move on from secondary school (ideally) and land a position, any employment.


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This propagates a financial circumstance where despite the fact that there are numerous budgetary guide choices accessible, particularly for low-wage families, the school considered excessively costly because the data about money related guide never achieves these understudies.

In this way, they don’t attempt to make it to school when they have the chance in secondary education, promoting a lower school participation rate for dark understudies (particularly dark guys).


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Many students are trying to make their place in the class while other students are busy in enjoying their lives.

In many of the black homes now, education is the priority and by providing proper education to their child many black parents’ wants to make their child unique and stand in the society with the proud.

Many parents who lived impoverished lives and who are unable to change their lives are trying their best to modify the life of their children.


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They are supporting their kids to be someone and to help them in their career so they can earn well for them.

In segregated Louisiana, people are quite poor, and they are moving to the other cities where they can make good enough and where they can support their children for the education purpose.

To make their vocabulary high and to provide them a comfortable life and to make their future bright.

How to Become A Successful Black Man: The Men Tell Their Story

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Why do our young black men overwhelmingly desire to become rappers or basketball players, rather than doctors, lawyers, or business and community leaders? Black America is facing a national crisis. Our boys are failing, and we are failing our boys. Research shows a significant achievement gap between black and white boys, and black boys fall far below black girls in college graduation rates. Many of the statistics quoted in How to Become a Successful Black Man are alarming: Fifty-eight percent of black boys do not graduate from high school, and in New York City that statistic rises to more than seventy percent The justice system looks at third- and fourth-grade scores in order to decide where to build jails One in three black men between the ages 20 and 29 years old is under correctional supervision or control The reasons behind this crisis are many, but overwhelmingly our black boys are growing up without positive male role models. Like many from within our community Mrs....

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