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Why Pocket PC Turns Out As Failure?

There was a quote from Steve Jobs “the moment you’ve chosen a stylus, you’ve failed.” The reason behind the failure of the pocket PC hidden behind this quote.

There was a time when people were getting attracted towards the pocket PC but then it starts falling, and people start sending their feedback about the product.

It was designed to provide the extension of the PC but due to the problems and lack of programming the product was not able to raise the bar. According to the users, the Pocket PC is horrible to use, and it’s failed to satisfy on the other end.


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Here are the following reasons due to which Pocket PC didn’t perform well in the market.

  • To have new apps on the Pocket PC is no less than an adventure.

One has to do a lot of struggle to run the apps, and once you installed them, then it’s nearly impossible to find them again on the system. That is the most irritating thing user can experience.

Another thing is the confused combination of the CPU architecture, memory, and screen size which is also responsible for making the product big flop and confusing.

  • Another worst thing about the Pocket Pc was it’s worst web browser.

The internet explorer was not working well, and it feels like you need some physically magnifying glass to see what is going on the browser.

Even the irritating thing about the web browser is that there is no built-in magnifying glass and zoom option to see the stuff. With the small font, it’s impossible to see what you are writing and what the browser is searching.

People don’t like to use these kinds of browsers, and that’s why they rejected this product.


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  • When it comes to capturing the photo then it is quite a complicated process.

You have to navigate through the app to take the photo, and it’s not that easy after then.

If you have taken the picture successfully, then there is no proper platform to share the photo with anyone. It’s difficult to find the photo in the gallery because first, you have to see whether that storage is in external or internal memory?

You have to pass your photos through the PC to share it on any platform which is quite a lengthy process, and no user wants to spend their time like this when they have easy ways to do things.


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  • The message application of the phone is one big problem for everyone.

There was no proper messaging service, and it seems like you are an ancient era again, and it looks like an old mail box where you don’t have even an option to sort the emails according to the subject of the message.

The word line was feeble and late due to which users don’t like to send a message through this medium.

They even don’t know whether the device is delivering their message or not?


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  • Battery problem was the biggest issue.

It feels every function is eating the battery all the time like if you have turned on the wifi and put the device in your pocket, then all your battery will be finished within an hour.

The battery consumption of the wifi signals is way too much, and you have to keep the phone connected to the charger to keep using the phone.

Same goes for the GPS, and that’s why user always feel like that they have to connect the phone all the time to the charger, and it’s impossible to use wifi on this platform.

These were the reasons due to which pocket PC was a big failure, and it was quite hard for the users to handle the apps, batteries and other things at the same time.


Image from Crazy Frankenstine

Whenever user start using the phone, it feels like that the device is coming up with the new problems and you don’t know how to get rid of it?

The slow features of the instrument and improper programming results the flop of the product and people refused to buy the product anymore because of its flaws and failures.

The PC pocket technology failed to impress the audience with its style.

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