Google, Microsoft, Verizon and Salesforce are in Competition to Buy Twitter.


Twitter is the most doing business website after Facebook, and different celebrities, politicians, and other major companies are using Twitter for their business.

People who are using Facebook and other social sites, they are using Twitter too for the status, pictures and following their favorite celebrities on this social platform.

Twitter is making good sales, and the sale of this social platform is quite impressive for the others who are in the same business and can feel the worth of the site.


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The news is that many potential buyers are showing the interest in buying the site. They know what kind of benefit Twitter can provide to them.

The four top companies which are showing so much interest in the Twitter are Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and Verizon.

These companies are knocking the door of the Twitter to buy the site and maybe for Verizon it will be hard to handle the Twitter when they have lot more projects to handle at the same time.

Due to this news, Twitter has jumped up to the 22%. The current value of the Twitter is 13.3$ billion according to the market.

Microsoft is trying their best to have the Twitter in their hands, and that’s why they are trying their best to shoot up the price as much as possible.

They want Salesforce to stay away from the offer so the Microsoft can buy the Twitter at the highest price. Microsoft wants high price of Twitter, so other companies quit the competition, and they can easily do what they want to.


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The spokesperson of the Microsoft Company said:

“At this moment Microsoft has nothing to share.” The company doesn’t want to reveal their strategies, and they are avoiding media to stay away from any statements and stories which are not confirmed yet.

Salesforce tried to purchase the LinkedIn too but it was not possible for them and at last Microsoft came out as a winner because Microsoft bought LinkedIn in $26.2 billion which was not feasible for the Salesforce.

This time for the twitter they are still competing with the Microsoft but maybe it’s still impossible for them to purchase the site.

According to the few sources, the expensive deals is not a game of Salesforce, and they always compete for them, but it’s not possible for them to buy it at such a high price.


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Twitter could be a good platform for the Salesforce because they can use this site for the other business too and they can bring out the revolutionary ideas through this platform.

Twitter is still not significant as compared to the Facebook where the conversations are happening and where people are interacting with each other on the personal level without posting anything on the walls.

The content and ad power of the Twitter is quite high which will help the other companies who will buy it in enhancing their business.

Salesforce can use the site for the interactive ideas, and they have the better way to increase the users of the site.

Google is also showing interest in buying the Twitter because Google can expand their business by joining hands with the Twitter.

They can broaden the business of advertisement, and they can bring back the users who left the social platform due to the interaction problem with each other.

Google is looking for some high and massive support throughout the year, and the plan is that they can expand the network with the help of other favorite network but they were unable to find such company for a year.


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Now they are moving towards the Twitter to change their strategies and to bring out the best in them. All the companies are trying their best to offer the best price to the Twitter and to buy it before anyone else.

They have some great ideas to make the things better and highly creative for the audience.

These companies can bring more and more users to the site just by their name and by using some technology which is going to interesting for the users.

Verizon is another company which shows the apparent interest in buying the Twitter, and they want to bring the new trend in this field to buy something different from their brands.


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