The Worst Thing You Can See Today Is Crutcher’s Fatal Shooting Video.

The Worst Thing You Can See Today Is Crutcher’s Fatal Shooting Video.

On Monday Police in Tulsa Oklahoma released the video of the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher who was an unarmed black motorist.


Image From Identities Mic

The clip has to see from many angles, and everyone can see when the 40-year-old person stopped in his tracks and raised his hands.

It was the time when he shot by the Tulsa Officers. Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church, Ray Owens who watched this video said “My impression is that the video I saw is among the worst that we have seen nationally,” Owens said.

“The man who was shot was walking away from police with his hands in the air. That, to me, suggests that he did not present a threat.”

The video is now out, and people are responding angrily to it. It’s like the group of an activist is trying to shot down the black men.


Image From Identities Mic

This fatal shooting of the police is not having any positive response from the people who are watching this; they are questioning this act of Police and why these incidents are so common now.

Black people lives matter, and this is what the movement is all about. Ohio, Minnesota, and Louisiana are the primary place where the incidents are taking positions and where the lives of the black people are not safe.

On the Northeast side of the evening on Friday, Police stalked the SUV of the Crutcher and asked him to stop. Crutcher is a father of four and student at a local community college.

According to the police, Crutcher was not cooperating with them and instead of talking to them he moved towards his vehicle due to which they shot him.


Image From Identities Mic

One officer asked him to put his hands up, and the other officer shot him a few seconds later.

Owens said that he knows Crutcher’s family for many years even he knows his father too who was a musician in North Tulsa Church. According to him, this shooting is offensive to him, and there is no other reason that the racism to kill him.

He said “The reaction of the police after the man was down — it was well over a minute before there was any attempt to render medical aid. He laid in the street.

The police seemed not to react to that. I’m a layperson, but that troubles me.”


Image From Identities Mic

Owens further said “Several others are talking about how we can create spaces for people to voice their concerns in peaceful ways. I imagine a lot of that will happen in the coming days.”

Owens said that he is not in contact with any of the Crutcher’s family member since they have watched the video of the shooting. During the video, his twin sister walked out of the room, and she can’t look it anymore.

Image From Identities Mic

Image From Identities Mic

The family is hurt and still unable to understand the reason behind the fatal shooting of their family member.

Their friends are doing several rallies against the police action and pressurizing them for their actions.

Thanks to  Identities Mic for providing such a post.

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