Carla Hayden as a First African American Lady to Head Library of Congress.

Carla Hayden as a First African American Lady to Head Library of Congress.


After the funeral of Freddie Grey, Baltimore ignited last year and at that time people were afraid to go out and to live their life.

School, churches, and establishments have been closed to avoid any violence and to save the people from any dangerous situation.

A local library at the place stayed open to provide a safe place to the readers. Over the death of the black man in the middle of the riots, a local library offer peace to the readers.


Image From Baltimore Magazine

Carla Hayden is the director of that library and at that time she made a call to keep the library open for the people.

Carla Hayden said during an interview “We knew the people would count on the library being open. There were people waiting to get in, to use the computers, to apply for jobs.

There were children that couldn’t go to school. There were people that needed to find resources that just needed a place to be and there was this oasis right in the middle of all of that unrest.”

Hayden confirmed to steer of the renowned Library of Congress on Wednesday the 216-year-old vault harboring the nation’s most holy and worshiped verifiable works.

Hayden has the title to hold the position of the first woman who did this. She played the first African-American role for the origin of the nation.


Image From Baltimore Magazine

Hayden took this step for the sake of the peace and to maintain the calm of the place, to let people know that they have every right to live their life at this location as a citizen.

She said that she remember how African Americans punished with lashes and worse for learning to read. She understands the significance of the moment and how she handled all the problems on her own.

At the time of swearing in a ceremony, Hayden told the people who were gathered at the Library Congress “As a descendant of individuals who was denied the right to read, to now have the opportunity to serve and lead the institution that is the national symbol of knowledge, is a historic moment.”

Her mother was looking proudly at her when she put her hands on the same Bible as Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama used during their inauguration, and they sworn in front of the John Roberts who was a Supreme Court Chief Justice.

The massive undertaking is going to take place when it comes to the Library of Congress, and the move is not that away from the Baltimore to Washington.


Image From Baltimore Magazine

The Library of Congress houses more than 162 million things on around 838 miles of bookshelves, also the various capacities that fall under its authority.

The Library of Congress has faced several issues and criticism because of lack of technology and how everything turned out. Mismanagement is another big problem of this place due to the lack of proper resources and experts.

Lack of underlying technology is the hurdle in their way.

Roy Blunt, R-Missouri who is a chairperson Sen. Of Rules and Administration Committee said: “Leading the Library of Congress requires multitasking on a scale rarely seen in other government organizations, I am confident Dr. Hayden will bring a great background and skill set to the job.”

Hayden started loving libraries and books when her mother asked her to check the book named “Bright April” by Marguerite de Angeli. It was the story about the African American girl when it was the era of civil rights movements.

She grew up in Queens where her mother first pushed her towards the books, and she started loving the place. Hayden said by remembering the time that “”It was like a door opening for me, I could read what I wanted to, and I’ve hooked ever since.”

From the University of Chicago, she received her doctorate and masters degree but still she preferred to stay in the city to work as a Chief Librarian and as the deputy commissioner of the Chicago Public Library in 1991.

In this town, she met Barack Obama and then they had a relationship of admiration, even after two decades she was still so strong. Because of her performance and strong character she has nominated for the position called “long overdue” by the President.


Image From NBC News

In 1993, she was all set to become the director of the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore. It was a time when the internet was not that common, and people don’t have this facility like today, but this lady took the advantage and started using this technology in her libraries.

She immediately took the step to make it advance and to make people attract towards the library for the advanced knowledge.

After her hard work and dedication towards the work, she made this library exceptional just after a year. The Public Library was at number one who is providing internet access to the Maryland.

In city like Baltimore she sensed the need of technology, she said “This was a tool that could help unlock things for so many people, intimidated by a book because they had difficulty reading,” Many citizens don’t know what this thing is, and many don’t have device to connect themselves to the system.

To aware the people around her about the machine she started classes in which she taught people about the internet and how they can use the device to get the information.

She didn’t want kids to use Ipads and Kindle books so she started to push the technology in their minds by attracting them towards the library to get information and educate themselves about the internet and how they can use it. In a city like Baltimore, she keeps the technology alive in their hearts.

The current president of the American Library Association, Julie Todaro said “”She is uniquely qualified to modernize one of the greatest cultural institutions in the world, Carla is a perfect example of making content available for her constituents and bringing it to the 21st century.”

During the condition when it was hard for her to maintain the office and her position she still continued her efforts. She kept the digital library alive by digitizing books. Like “The Great Gatsby” first edition copy signed by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

She made the place unique and exciting by every possible way; her aim is to bring out the people from their home and to ignite their interest towards the technological libraries.

That’s what she have done by herself. Encina said “”She’s innovative and forward thinking, she breaks the mold of what a librarian is, she recognized early on that computers are vital to the community, but a lot of people don’t have access to one, so the library has to provide that access.”

After the 9/11, the Patriot Act passed by the lawyers in which government is allowed to access the data even if it’s library to access all kinds of personal data of the people living there at the moment.

The law was quite controversial at that time due to the privacy interference and how the government can check your data without having your permission because it’s their duty after the incident.

Hayden said “”We needed a balance between security and person freedom to find out, we have to be sure that you don’t confuse an interest in a subject and intent to do something.”

In 2003 she told a magazine “”What someone reads doesn’t necessarily say anything about what they might do — there’s no link between interest and intent.

Librarians charged with a public trust. We are there to help [people] access information; we are not in the business of judgment.

When libraries fight against the Patriot Act, or against (mandatory Internet filters), we’re fighting for the public.

Most of the people who use public libraries don’t have the opportunity to buy books at a bookstore or on

What the library does is protect the rights of all people to fully and freely access information and to pursue knowledge, without fear of repercussion.”

It was her bravery when she keeps herself available for the resident during the riots of the Baltimore, and she kept serving them in all the conditions. Encina said “It was a big decision to keep those doors open.

She wanted a place that kids could go because schools were closed. She wanted a place for people to be away from what was going on outside.”

Hayden just continued her work without any fear for the whole week. Encina further said “An individual came on the day of the riots to use the computer to apply or jobs.

He was on a deadline, and the city shut down. Two weeks later he came in and told us he got the job, and if hadn’t been for the library he would never have gotten his application.”

The residents were so thankful and happy that she is doing a lot for them and they sent her flowers as well as food.

Thanks to NBC News for providing such a post.

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