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African-Americans Show their Support to the Trump.

African-Americans Show their Support to the Trump.


Hillary Clinton is the nominee of Democrat Presidential against the Trump.

Liberals all around the world thinking that she has African-American votes too, and people are thinking like that because they are showing this.


Image from Red State Watcher

But the truth is something else, and some people are not watching her rosy picture so carefully. A black man named “Michael the Black man” was at the minority rally, and he sent a message to the Hilary which is hilarious and quite controversial.

Well, people can say whatever they want to because this is a democratic country and everyone can give their opinions and messages to the politicians.

This message is going to be one of the reasons of their sleepless and restless nights because for them it’s kind of a threat and how everyone is not in the favor.

People are showing their favoritism, and they don’t have to go with the flow all the time.

This man is for Trump, and they wore the shirt that reads “Trump and Republicans Are Not Racist.” He clearly shows his support to the Trump, and it was a clear threat to the Hillary that she is still not safe when it comes to the election.


Image from Acoma Net

The man with his friends told the media that he is going to cast his vote to the Trump and whatever the news about Trump racism is a lie and nothing. He will give his vote to the Trump in November.

He said that many Black leaders are speaking against the Hilary, but media is not reporting that. It has been proved that black lives matter and many people are still with the Trump.


Image from Slate

Media is with the Hillary and that’s why nobody is showing about the other opinion. He said that the Black people are standing with the Trump in this matter.

Thanks to Red State Watcher for providing such a post.

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