African-American Tech Start-up Creates Financial Literacy iOS Gaming App Mindblown Life

Jason Young, an African-American founder and CEO of Mindblown Labs, an Oakland, CA based education technology start-up, knows first-hand how financial literacy or lack thereof can impact the African-American community.

Through his own personal experiences he learned very quickly that financial literacy is essential for everyone so he created a mobile app called Mindblown Life.

Mindblown Life is a mobile, social game that combines life-simulation elements and edgy humor to help young adults develop money management and financial literacy skills.

The game uses Facebook integration and push notifications to create a rich, in-game life filled with meaningful social experiences: in Mindblown Life, you can attend your friends’ concerts, take them on a dinner date, play mini-games with them, or crash on their couches, if you’re having a particularly rough month. Random events make sure that your Mindblown Life reflects the spontaneity of your real one.

With comparisons to the popular game The Sims, Mindblown Life puts players at the heart of the game. They create a customizable avatar, choose their career, and perform reflex-based mini-games at work to earn “Money,” “Skill,” and “Reputation” points.

“Although Mindblown Life incorporates experiential learning and popular game mechanics, similar to those found in The Sims and games by PopCap, it stands out because Mindblown Life gives young adults a platform to master the basic financial concepts that impact all of our lives,” Young says.

The desire to impact countless lives made Young explore digital initiatives to reach young adults.

“Millions of students are leaving high school and college without gaining a basic level of financial literacy,” Young says. “These same young adults are hyper-connected, constantly interacting with friends, and using the Internet and smart-phones to discover new things. Mindblown Life enables us to reach people where they are.”

In efforts to officially launch Mindblown Life the company launched a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the month with hopes of reaching $60,000. With a week left Mindblown Labs has come extremely close to their goal having raised $54,661 to date.

Mindblown Life is currently in private beta and will launch on iOS in the beginning of 2013.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Nov 1., to contribute and find out more information about this project visit www.mindblownlabs.com/ks.



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