5 Mobile Apps That Translate Into A Productive Day

Most of us depend on mobile apps to get us through the day. Some apps maybe a distraction, but there are many out there that help with day to day productivity.

Here are a few I use faithfully to keep me on point throughout the day:


GetPocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is a bookmarking app very similar to Delicious. I used to be Delicious’ No. 1 fan until Read It Later decided to re-brand itself turning into the most popping digital bookmark ever! Ok, it’s really not that serious. But I like it because it’s simple, looks good, and does its job and sometimes that’s all you need to be the best.


Any.Do is a to-do list app so of course it allows you to list things you need to get done. Users can set alarms, make notes, etc. What I like about it is when you get a missed call it notifies you to schedule a call back, then sends a reminder to call that person back. I know we have all fell victim to someone forgetting to call us back or vice versa. Any.Do is definitely a big help with that.


And then there is Evernote. One of the best note taking apps out there. Whether its on your desktop, phone, or tablet you can’t go wrong with it. If you need to organize your life, this is probably the app for you. Tag notes, send emails to your account, clip things from the Web. It is definitely a great cloud based app to stay productive and organized.


Flipboard is an amazing way to consume news. Depending you what you do, staying up to date on the news throughout the day may be a necessity ( like it is for me). This app makes it very easy and even fun to do so.  You make your own pages, can incorporate your social networks all to make your own personalized digital magazine.

Google Drive

Drive lets you view, edit, and share documents easily from your phone. Very helpful app especially if you use Google apps for business. But even if you don’t regularly use Google Docs, it’s an easy way to create a document straight from your phone. It is another cloud app, so whatever you mark up in your phone, will transfer everywhere else.

So if you aren’t already using these apps, download and give them a try. What are some apps you use everyday? Share in the comments.


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