Award Tour: Help Kickstart 2011 Black Weblog Awards

For the past six years, black bloggers and their audiences  have campaigned and wrung their hands in anticipation of that Black Webblog Awards. Honoring the best and most engaging bloggers, the award spans over 90 countries and features 35 categories including Best Design, Best Business Blog, and Blog of the Year. As the voting for this year’s event commences, founder Maurice Cherry, is looking towards the future.

In a post on BWA, Maurice lays out his plans for the 2011 awards.

“In 2011, we want to have a live awards ceremony with trophies, live streaming video, and a private reception. This will not only put the Black Weblog Awards on the map physically, but also metaphorically, showing that the recognition of the breadth and depth of knowledge, experience, and cultural significance is truly worth showcasing.”

In order to reach these lofty goals, the people at Black Weblog Awards need help raising the funds to finance the events. That said, here’s the chance for fans of BWA to give back. BWA has created a campaign page on Kickstarter to raise the necessary money. The minimum donation is only $1, but the more you pledge, the bigger the incentive. Pledge $5 and receive a custom pledge banner. Pledge $500 and you’ll be rewarded with your name hyperlinked on the sponsor page, one month of free advertising, and a load of other goodies. The donation period ends September 1, and so far has raised $200 with three backers.

As one of the few events out there that celebrates the unique perspective of the black blogger, a few dollars isn’t that much to ask. An added benefit of donating to BWA is that you can write it off on your taxes as a charitable donation and who doesn’t like that? If you need further convincing why not check out the list of winners from past years or follow @blkweblogawards on Twitter, who’s been busy shouting out the winners as well as reminding us all to vote.

Let’s help make a great event even better. Donate today, donate often.



Thank you Sherri for covering this, and thank you Terrance for pledging! Black Web 2.0 has helped support us and been behind our vision since 2008, so we really appreciate the continued love.

I made sure to put some loot down.

Kickstarter is all win or all lose. If you make your dollar projection, you keep all the money + whatever additional money raised. If you miss your mark…you get NOTHING!

We always complain about lack of minority presence when we are left out of stuff like this. Well, this is a perfect opportunity to stop worrying about what e'rybody else is doing all the time (we still need to sound the alarm from time to time) and support our own.

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