TVOneonline.com Gets a New Look

If you haven’t visited tvoneonline.com recently, it is time for you to revisit the site as it has a new look. The focus is now on News, Videos, Shows and the networks current schedule. When we first look at the shows that TV One the network has the rights to, there is a substantial list. The shows range from the popular Jeffersons, Sanford & Son and A Different World to other shows which are not as popular such as $ingletary $aysFull Plate, and Wet Paint. On the Tvoneonline.com website, the maximum time length for a clip from one of their shows is one to two minutes maximum. There is a missed opportunity here where they could broadcast entire episodes of certain shows (especially the TV One original programming) and gain longer user engagement time on their site and possibly even increased visitors.

The video portion of the website has twenty classic videos from shows of the past (The Richard Pryor Show, The Flip Wilson Show are two examples) and present (Lincoln Heights). These videos are no longer than two minutes but do offer some classic bits from some noteworthy African American Shows. A nice touch is the fact that you are allowed to embed any of these clips on your own website or blog, on most sites with video content this type of functionality is a given.  The News section of the website is pretty straightforward with news that is directly related to African American culture. Most of the news is slanted towards celebrities and gossip.

My favorite part of the site is the section that is centered around “Turn up the Heat” with G. Garvin. There are over 75 recipes for a variety of different types of food that were featured in each episode. These recipes range from Baby Back Ribs to Alaskan Halibut to Rice Pudding. This is a good example of using the content owned by TV One on their website to maximize user engagement. For aspiring chefs or just people who are looking for a new way to prepare a meal, this is a gold mine of culinary resources.

The new look by TvOneonline.com is a good start. In the future there should be a focus on making more video content available including more substantial clips of videos. The Washington Watch segment with Roland Martin would be the perfect segment to include the entire show on the TVOneonline.com website. Take a look around the newly redesigned TVOneonline website and share your thoughts.



Jerome Morton says:

Today's show talked about Obama's choice for supreme court justice could it be that since he has 107 cabinet post being blocked by the republican party and it's been almost two years that he didn't want to add to the list and he knew that they would certainly block that one.

Jay Ward says:

Isn't it possible that copyright issues or licensing costs might be behind their reluctance to show more substantial clips? Possible cost v. benefit problem?

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