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A popular note taking service hit an important milestone over the Christmas holiday. Evernote, the popular note taking service which allows you to capture anything imaginable for personal use and storage is cruising along at 2 million + users. Evernote was mentioned on Black Web 2.0 back in October 2009 as Five Apps to Run your Business Remotely. They released some interesting stats recently via their blog and now is a good time to review some interesting facts that specifically caught my eye:

51.45% of the people who use Evernote, log in from outside the United States
. That is a surprisingly high number of “international” users which bodes well for future growth.
86.39% of people logged onto Evernote for a second time. Return visitors means that the service is simple enough that people return to use it again or look around and experiment.
1.69% of the people purchased a Premium Account ($45 a year). The majority of users (including myself) only need the free version of the service. That is a great sign of how many features are packed into this service. It’s also mildly concerning as to how will they manage to monetize so the service can remain vibrant and on the cutting edge.

I was turned on to this service about three months ago and it took me almost a month to give it a try. Two months later I don’t see how I can stay organized without it. My initial goal was to have a simple To-Do list application that I can use on my home computer (Mac), iPhone and work computer (Windows). Well, Evernote fit the bill and so much more. The main features I currently use are the voice notes and text notes. I have seen some creative uses for the photo notes like using it to take pictures of business cards that Evernote translates into your contacts.  I plan on tapping into more in the near future. The service is super easy to set up also. A hot tip is to add the web clipper onto any CPU’s you use I keep separate notebooks for my to-do list, writing ideas, music ideas for Dj’ing and my podcast, personal items and then a business notebook. I can easily create a note from any platform and it updates to Evernote immediately. It is very handy for creating grocery store lists and recipes as well as noting important web pages you discover that you want to store away and refer to in the future.

Check out this video discussing some of the features in Evernote:

Any stories or tips about how you are using Evernote?



Julie99 says:

prom gowns that are sure to make a lasting impression at yourformal,pageant,or special occasion.

Amani says:

Thanks. Let me know how you like it!

ahr19 says:

Thanks for the comment Robert. I agree with you about the iPhone app. It is the app I use most per day. I also like you view on supporting the company by paying for a premium subscription.

ahr19 says:

Thanks for the comment Robert. I agree with you about the iPhone app. It is the app I use most per day. I also like you view on supporting the company by paying for a premium subscription.

Robert, London says:

I love Evernote because, as a v busy person who doesn't like having to remember detail, it is the perfect way of storing and searching all manner of electronic clutter (notes to myself, odd bits of map, reminders of things to see on holiday &c). The newest iPhone app makes it even better (now stores content on my phone so it's available even in areas of poor coverage).

I use way, way less than the monthly 'free' data allowance but started paying the $45 annual subscription last January because I liked the company's product and ethos and wanted to support them (and can afford $45 occasionally to do that). I'll renew this year without hesitation but the offline data availability on iPhone – only for paying users – makes for an additional, big plus.

Flourgal says:

After reading your article Amani, I checked out their website, and downloaded the app to my blackberry. Thank you for the useful info and interesting facts!

jordanbergpowers says:

I started using Evernote after the post last year on here glad every since. Nice to just tag something on my working computer and be able to get back to it when I am on home computer… like this article

ahr19 says:

Thanks Rahsheen. I need to figure out the RTM part myself. I am getting Evernote so far. Just need to work in the photos.

Rahsheen says:

Good stuff, Amani. I have been slacking on my Evernote usage. I know I probably need it, but I've yet to figure out where it fits in my GTD strategy. I am, however, a heavy RTM user. Figuring out what I should do with Evernote should coincide with figuring out how to integrate it with RTM.

dcfemella says:

Collaboration with Evernote has been available since last summer. Check it out!

ahr19 says:

Yes, I also have RTM but am having a hard time figuring out how to sync it well with Evernote. Any tips for me/us? I will test out the business card feature. That could be invaluable.

ahr19 says:

I have not heard about team collaboration w/evernote. Are you able to explain a bit more?

blackweb20 says:

Yeah Markus says he uses it this way and has been hooked. I haven't used evernote in atleast a year so I think I may need to give it another try.

Evernote is awesome. I use it and RTM on my Android phone and I'm getting a lot of mileage and becoming more and more like the rest of the GTD (Getting Things Done) camp.

I didn't realize that you could take a photo of a biz card to be stored as a contact, I've been looking for a good service that does this for quite some time. Nice to know I don't need an entirely different service from something that I'm already using.

dcfemella says:

Great post! Evernote is a wonderful application that can be used by anyone, regardless of what field he/she is in. It can also be used for team collaboration. 🙂

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