Black Web 2.0
Welcome Back.
Nov 4, 2013 Nov 4, 2013

Wow. It's hard to believe that six years ago Black Web 2.0 started with just an idea and a simple Wordpress install. What started as a mission to bring to the forefront the wealth of exceptional innovation, talent, and ambition of Blacks in the technology and new media industries quickly evolved to not just a small media company, but really a gathering place for what I liked to call "the cool kids" online.  Some of the best discussions that I've had were in the comments section of the site.  Not to mention I was lucky enough to be connected to some of the smartest innovators in the industry thanks to this platform.  It was, and has always been, much more than a blog to me and the many individuals that helped it grow.

While the internet has evolved from conversations and connections being made in the comments of blogs to those same conversations taking place on a variety of social media platforms, there is still a need to highlight people making dope shit.  And, might I add, in a thoughtful way.  

That means YOU!

I'll be honest, since NewME took off all of my time has been directed toward that (and my kids of course).  I hadn't thought of relaunching Black Web 2.0 until I started to get email, after email, after email.  It's easy to shrug off one person interested in bringing the site back, but I received tons of emails, tweets, and Facebook messages.  That first person I heard from was not alone.  So, I took note and really tried to think of what exactly the evolution of Black Web 2.0  would be.  It would have been easy to relaunch and do more of the same, but the landscape had changed.  We aren't in a time where ZERO media outlets (mainstream and multicultural) want to cover what we were doing in technology anymore.  It's funny to think back about Black Web 2.0 really innovating and disrupting what was being featured. At times we were even breaking major tech industry stories first, before all media outlets.... not just "urban" media.  That said, so many other outlets picked up on what is not just the evolution of an industry but really is an evolution of our culture; an evolution that includes technology, innovators, makers, and disrupters.  So what would we do different if we relaunched?  It took months to decide and to get over creative blocks that I didn't even know were there.  In the meantime I was re-energized about the direction of online content.  Finally I was getting somewhere!  So what you see here is the evolution of a journey that started six years ago.  We won't be chasing or breaking news.  Instead we'll be curating the best innovators, game changers, makers, disrupters, and general "shit-starters."  Some will come from my work at NewME, some won't. My hope is that ALL will provide you with insight and inspiration.

Every issue will be an immersive experience on the featured subject.  We'll cover:

The People
We surface what makes these game changers unique, resilient and someone to keep your eye on through insight into the beginnings of brilliance.
The Business
An in depth and behind-the-scenes look at the making of a business. We do a deep dive into each innovators business and why it will be a game changer.
The Life
You've heard about the person and their business now take a peek into their life, outside of business. We'll feature the products, travel, homes, and lifestyle of each innovator.

In a time where everything you read is delivered fast and in micro-sized bites, we'll take the opposite approach.  B20 will be a place for you to slow down and get a "shot of inspiration" through the people, businesses, and lives of a group of game changers.  Additionally, if you're looking for comments you won't find them here. We've ditched on-site comments and integrated Twitter comments where you can follow the hashtag and conversation in a place where many of your conversations are taking place already.

Long story short: We will feature a new dynasty of innovators and entrepreneurs.  

I hope you will be inspired to dream bigger, bolder, and with purpose.