NewME Sp.12 Graduate James Norman Launches Start-up Ubi Video

NewME Accelerator Spring 2012 graduate James Norman recently launched his online video start-up Ubi Video!

Ubi-Video is an online data-driven video platform that provides users with all of their favorite video content in one place.

“I started Ubi Video because myself and a couple other friends were tired of the high price combined poor customer services from our cable providers,” Norman says. “Online video was more convenient and cost effective. We wanted access to content anywhere and we only wanted to pay for what we wanted.”

Ubi Video eliminates having to search across the Web to find the content you love.

“We set off to solve this problem with a device agnostic video service that can be personalized,” Norman says. “During our product development and research progress we truly discovered the video eco-system was broken.”

Through this realization of what Norman says is a broken eco-system; he decided it was time for his company to pivot. Instead of going against the cable companies, Ubi Video took a different approach and worked to be the solution to keep cable customers happy.

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