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Visualize Your Natural Hair With The Big Chop iOS App
Nov 5, 2012 Aug 20, 2013

In 2011, Washington D.C. native Arsha Jones co-founded Capital City Apps; hence the name “Capital City”, with her husband as a platform to venture into technology related business ventures. Jones has always had an interest in Apple products including its apps, but noticed there were not many that targeted the African-American community.

“One day I searched iTunes for apps from different countries around the world and there were thousands available from Asian countries to Middle Eastern, so I thought maybe I could do the same for people of color,” Jones says. “I wanted to create mobile applications for African-Americans who want to see images of their culture and ideas represented in the App store.”

Jones then went on to create Capital City’s flagship product, the Big Chop App. The Big Chop App is an instant hair makeover app designed specifically for African-American women wanting to try out natural hairstyles.

“Being natural myself, I thought creating The Big Chop App would be a great entry into the market especially since natural hair is such a booming business at the moment,” Jones says. “I have often struggled with my hair while trying to find a new style and then realizing half-way through the process I didn't like it, this app eliminates that.”

Users will be able to upload their own photo or use one from Facebook and then choose one of  the 250+ natural hairstyles that come from various publications and some Jones has created herself. Styles are categorized by styles like TWA's (Teeny Weeny Afros), Medium, Long, Braids/Dreadlocks or Accessories. After a style is selected the user can share it via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail.

Overall the app is a great tool for someone considering doing the “big chop” in cutting their hair or someone who just wants to try different,natural hairstyles without having the hassle of doing it with their own hair first.

The app will be available in the Apple App Store for iPhone late November.