How to Find Angel Investors in Your Area

No matter where you live, it is safe to say there are savvy angel investors in your part of the country. This is particularly true if you live in or around a large metropolitan area.

Of course, there is a big difference between knowing that there are angels in your area and actually finding them. How are you going to locate the right person to invest in your start-up?

Attend Local Industry Events

Let’s put it this way: if you are the type of business owner who is always in hiding, you cannot expect to find investors for your company. Instead, you need to make yourself visible as often as possible.

What are the biggest events in your industry every year? Once you have a list, make sure you clear time in your schedule to attend.

Tip: don’t be afraid to share your business with anybody and everybody who is interested. Angel investors often times show up when you are least expecting it.

Network, Network, Network

This goes along with the point above of attending industry events. The larger your network becomes the better chance you have of finding financing.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to directly connect with an angel investor. It is often a meeting setup by an intermediary that leads to the best business relationship.

Tip: make sure everybody in your network is well aware of your current business structure and desire to find an investor.

Use LinkedIn and Other Web Services

In today’s day and age, it only makes sense that you would be able to find investors online. Sticking with the common theme of networking, do your best to consistently build your connections on LinkedIn.

Is there somebody in particular that you want to connect with? Don’t be shy about asking an associate in your direct network to introduce you.

Talk to Clients and Partners about your Options

Do your clients know that you are interested in taking on an outside investment? How about any partners you have done business with in the past?

Not only is this a great way to get a referral, but it can benefit you in another way: you may turn somebody who is not an investor into somebody who is willing to give you the money you are looking for.

Final Word

If you run into obstacles along the way and are unable to find an investor – even after following the tips above – don’t be afraid to slowly move away from your home base.

There are angels out there looking for great companies to invest in. Your job is simple: find these investors and show them what you have to offer. Are you up for it?

-Sean Callahan

Sean Callahan is the CEO of FinancingFactory.com and its informational arm, StartupLoans.org. We provide entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners information and resources regarding business financing. 

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