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Rachel Brooks from NewME's Spring '12 Class Talks Putting Her Best Foot Forward in the Application Process
Jun 6, 2012 Aug 20, 2013

Rachel Brooks is the founder of, a product customization tool designed specifically for small brands and makers and recent graduate from NewME Accelerator's Spring 2012 class. She shares how she made her company shine in the application...  

In applying to NewME, I made an effort to put my best foot forward in demonstrating my expertise in my area of business, and also showing that we are the best people to tackle the problem at hand. For Citizen Made, our market focuses on small brands and the maker market, and the best way to discuss this was in context of our own team's experience and success within this market segment.

In creating our video pitch, we included the key details that any investor may want to see along with pertinent information in the form of slides. Our goal in NewME was to successfully launch a viable technology business within a market that we know well, and it was our responsibility in the application to demonstrate this knowledge, but also indicate why NewME and not another accelerator was for us.

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