Why Minority Students Should Apply to 2012 Online News Association Conference Student Newsroom

The Online News Association Conference (ONA) is back and currently accepting applications for its Student Newsroom program that will take place in San Francisco, Calif. Sept. 20-22.

The student newsroom is an opportunity for college students to cover the conference and create digital content for the ONA Web site. But what’s even better is that participants attend for free – hotel and transportation included.

There are several reasons why minority students should apply, because it’s a great, free opportunity for hands on experience; but other reasons include the location and simply needing more of a minority presence.

Isn’t this what the conversation has been about? – getting more minorities in the Silicon Valley space. This is a great opportunity to take in the culture and see what everyone is talking about. If you have an interest in online journalism and digital media, there isn’t a better place right now to feed the technology part of that interest than in the San Francisco area.

As may reports, programs, and editorials have indicated, the city is lacking minority faces. But the more minorities who apply for this opportunity and others like it the more that will change.

With more minorities having a presence at the conference, in particular the student newsroom, it will add a unique perspective to the coverage.  Coming from a different background brings something new to the table, something that is desperately needed in news rooms in every city.

Most times it takes minorities to talk about minority issues, events, etc. for it to be talked about at all. Minorities need a voice in programs like this, but you can’t be selected if you don’t apply.

Go to the ONA site for more information and to apply.


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