3 Things to Get People Talking About Your Startup


Being on the journalistic side of the technology industry, I often get asked the question: “How do I get more exposure for my startup?”

Well, there are a number of things that can be done to make your startup more visible, but there are three primary things that are essential for all startups that are easy and cost nothing.

1.)    Social Media

2.)    Press

3.)    Networking

Utilize Social Media

As we all should know by now, if you have a business social media should be your best friend. Social tools are the best ways to connect with everyone; from consumers to investors. Build a good following that allows you to reach the right people to get news about your startup out.

Get Published!

Here at Black Web 2.0 we want to highlight great tech companies by minority founders. Let publications know who you are. Connect with editors and writers that will talk about your company. Essentially we all get most of our information from news sites. Getting your company in a publication is a big deal because it reaches a wide range of people. It gives others the opportunity to read about your company and understand exactly what it does and what you and the company have to offer.

Start Talking and Network

Talk about your company! In the digital age sometimes we forget that we actually do have a voice to speak instead of tweeting about it. Get out there and go to networking events everywhere, but especially in your own area. When you go to a networking event scope the room and try to make rounds to different people that have different things to offer you. Talk to other founders, investors, journalists, the janitor; I mean seriously there isn’t one person in the room that isn’t worthy of hearing about your company. So get talking!

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