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Find the Latest Hairstyles With the I Love Your Hair App from House of Mikko
Feb 6, 2012 Aug 20, 2013

Ever wish there was an Instagram for hair? Well, your wish has come true with the new app from House of Mikko, I Love Your Hair.

The I Love Your Hair app is great for those looking for new styles and also for hair stylist who are trying to promote their work.

The app allows users to post photos of their hairstyles and get hair inspiration from pictures uploaded by other users.

This app eliminates having to try and describe what look you want to your hairdresser. Now you can simply look it up and show them.

Users can browse hairstyles by hair length, hair texture, hair color, and hair type.  You can also search by occasion, like weddings and proms.

I Love Your Hair is simple to use. Take a photo of your hair, upload it, and share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

The user can add details to the photo to make it searchable, such as style, hair color, or even tag the photo with the name of the salon and stylist who did it.

This is a fun but also useful app. It allows users to discover new looks and also share their own with others. You can also follow beauty bloggers, stylists and other hair experts to find the latest in hair trends.

The app is available on iPhone and iPad.