Why Digital Media Should Be Part of Primary and Secondary Education

There have been complaints about children and teens misuse of social networking sites. Typically in school when someone doesn’t know how to do something correctly, it is taught to them. Why is social media any different?

Social media and multimedia have changed drastically in just a few years. Today 95% of all teens ages 12-17 are online and 80% are using social media sites. Jobs are now requiring skills in social media and other online tools – no matter the industry. Therefore a formal education on the subject is necessary.

Part of the solution to kids and teens mishandling social media is for school districts to hire qualified teachers who are experts in the field to teach it to high school, middle school, and even elementary age children.

We now live in a society where digital media is just as relevant as English, math, or history. But we can’t expect children to know the proper ways to use it without any formal training.

Adding digital media to the curriculum could make for a better learning experience for both teacher and student in addition to students walking away with essential skills they will need now and in the future.

There are schools that realize that importance of new media studies and have added it to their curriculum like Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.

But this isn’t enough. All inner-city public schools should be studying these subjects.

Social media can be overwhelming. Although it’s a very helpful tool, if not used properly could lead to negative outcomes instead of positive.

There are many innovative gadgets and programs emerging, which is great, but what good use will it have if our schools are not equipped with the curriculum to match?

Curriculum and resources are equally important. How are your area schools implementing tech and digital media into the classroom?

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