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SOPA Opera Helps You Keep Track on Where Your Congress Members Stand on PROTECT-IP and SOPA
Jan 9, 2012 Aug 20, 2013

As we get closer to voting on both PROTECT-IP and SOPA, more sites are launching to inform the general public and interent activist about what many have called the bills that could destroy the internet as we know it today. A new site that recently launched is that keeps track of where your Congress members stand on PROTECT-IP and SOPA.

SOPAOpera was created by Dan Nguyen is a journalist in New York. You can contact him or on Twitter:@dancow Two key links on SOPAOpera are the Stop Online Piracy Act roll call and the PROTECT-IP Bill roll call that shows you who support or oppose the bills.

For more information about SOPA and how you can get involved see the following sites:
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reddit, we need your help raising awareness about SOPA in the mainstream and local media.