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President Barack Obama Shares #Obama2012 Campaign Photos on Instagram
Jan 4, 2012 Aug 20, 2013

As if Instagram didn't need any more validation as the leading mobile photo sharing app now you can follow President Barack Obama on Instagram. The Obama 2012 staff posted a photo as the President is on the #Obama2012 campaign trail. Just last month Apple named Instagram the iPhone app of the year and Instagram posted how candidates and media outlets are using the platform for the upcoming 2012 US Presidential Election Coverage.

Instagram also recently posted their 2011 year in numbers.

3: The average number of photos uploaded per second, one year ago.
60: The average number of photos uploaded per second, today.
400 million: The total number of photos shared on Instagram so far.
51,600+: The most likes on a single photo.

As 2012 being an election year and how everyone said President Barack Obama won the election using social media expect to see more candidates using not only Instagram but other new social media/ networks to reach out to voters. I guess we can expect to see a Barack Obama Pinterest account soon too?

H/T Alexa/ TechCrunch: On The Day Of The Iowa Caucus, Barack Obama Joins Instagram

Outside of campaign photos how would you like to see the President Barack Obama staff use Instagram?