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IncubateNYC Working to Bring Tech Startups to Harlem
Dec 28, 2011 Aug 20, 2013

Do you know of any incubators in Harlem, NY? - No? Well, that is because there are none that exist. Although New York does have several technology driven incubators, none of them have found its way up to Harlem. A place that co-founders of IncubateNYC, Marcus Mayo and Brian Shields believe has just as much potential as Silicon Valley.

IncubateNYC is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and business people who know the best way to create jobs is to encourage the establishment of new businesses that utilize technology in solving issues within the community, and who have decided to take action against unemployment by incubating sustainable new businesses in an environment that will accelerate their success and growth.

The idea is in response  to the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s request for proposals to establish a home near 125th Street to nurture fledgling tech companies.

IncubateNYC is considering two potential sites for its proposed incubator which would be in the 4,000-to-5,000 square foot range and house 10 startups per year.

Mayo tells,  IncubateNYC would offer reduced rent to startups as well as some funding opportunities. “We want to seed these businesses when they come to the incubator,” he says.

Watch this video to understand what IncubateNYC is all about:

Proposals for the incubators are due tomorrow, to support IncubateNYC and sign their online petition go to