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Let's Fly With the #NewNewTwitter Mobile and Website Redesign of #NewTwitter
Dec 8, 2011 Aug 20, 2013

#NewTwitter and #newnewtwitter is trending on twitter right now and no it's not a list of the best #newtwitter trending tweets but for the second time in twitter history twitter today launched a new interface/design of twitter. In a "Let's Fly" blog post twitter stated the new design is for, mobile phones and they also updated TweetDeck to be consistent. With the new version comes four new tabs: Home, Connect, Discover, and me. The new #newtwitter redesign will be rolling over the next few weeks to everyone but the post states you can see it on your mobile phone now at To further explain the #newnewtwitter, twitter created the Yours to discover video. Take a look.

If you don't have the new twitter here are a few screenshots.

A few new features comes with the new #newtwitter anouncment such as an easier way to embed tweets and twitter brand pages as you can see below.

To embed a tweet just click on open, then details if you have the new twitter.
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@disneypixar Brand Page:

The mobile web, iPhone and android versions of the new twitter are just as slick as the website redesign.

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Do you have the new twitter? What are you thoughts on the mobile and website redesign?