Entrepreneur Curtiss Pope to Disrupt the Shopping Industry with AisleFinder iPhone App and APIs

This summer I had the opportunity to meet Curtiss Pope, CEO, and co-founder of AisleFinder while in the NewME Accelerator. AisleFinder is considered to be the “Google Maps for Supermarkets” and solves the one problem everyone has -not being able to find the items on their shopping list when grocery shopping. AisleFinder solves the problem by providing online and mobile solutions that gives customers the aisle numbers of where to find those items. Curtiss is a software developer, over all nice and smart guy.

During the summer and in conversations it was great to hear Curtiss’s thought process behind shopping, making it easy for users to make list, and solving other shopping problem by shortening the over all customers shopping time. Since then Curtiss has launched AisleFinder iPhone [iTunes Link]. The app works great as advertised and features 2500+ Stores, 150000 products. Stores include: Wal-Mart,CostCo,Safeway,Kroger, and Wegmans. Here are a few screenshots.

Curtiss is thinking big with AisleFinder and not just grocery shopping, so he created the Supermarket API. Supermarket API is the first robust open source API for the grocery industry and provides the following feature:

  • Aisle information in over 2,400 supermarkets and shopping Centers including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Safeway and Wal-Mart across the USA (Canada & Europe Soon)
  • Product pictures, details and Information on over 150,000 grocery products
  • Free API Access.

AisleFinder’s Supermarket API has already been put to use recently by developers at Startupweekend Ontario (Canada) who created StokFridge.com.

So what’s next for AisleFinder and Curtiss Pope? Curtiss tells me they’re working on adding Canada,UK stores to AisleFinder/SupermarketAPI along with Wal-Mart, Target, Costco data sets will be available through SuperMarket API.com soon. Also be on the look out for HardwareAPI.com set to lunch in the late Winter/Spring.

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Disclaimer: Curtiss Pope, Curtiss Pope, was one of the startups that participated in the NewME Accelerator. BlackWeb 2.0 and NewME Accelerator are owned and operated by Black Web Media.

Have you used AisleFinder iPhone app yet? If so let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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