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Hulu, Livestream and Vevo Content Come to Chill, the Turntable for Video
Nov 16, 2011 Aug 20, 2013, known as the “ for video,” relaunched on Wednesday as a social platform for watching live events, TV shows and music videos.

While there are still portions of the site where “VJs” can earn points from others in the room for spinning YouTube videos, its focus has shifted to social viewing of content from sites such as Hulu, Vevo, Livestream, Ustream and

Now users can go to in order to, for instance, watchGlee with company. While the show plays, their avatars can talk to others in the room through a public group chat or private chat.

“There’s a lot in it for the publishers,” founder Brian Norgard says. “They want to get social…just posting it on YouTube isn’t enough anymore.”

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