Black Web 2.0
8 Entrepreneurs Diversifying the Tech Scene with NewMe Accelerator
Jul 18, 2011 Aug 20, 2013

Silicon Valley's startup scene is mostly young, male, and white. In response, the NewMe Accelerator brought 8 black entrepreneurs together for two month immersion in San Francisco. CNNMoney featured each entrepreneur in their own personal profiles.

The 8 entrepreneurs include:

Hajj Flemings: GoKit

Pius Uzamere: BeCouply

Wayne Sutton: Vouch

Anthony Frasier: Playd

Tiffani Bell: Pencil You In

Hank Williams:

Crisson Jno-Charles: Fetchmob

Angela Benton: Cued will also highlight 3 Black entrepreneurs who are part of the NewMe Accelerator. The three entrepreneurs featured are Pius UzamereTiffani Bell, and Chris Bennett. Through their posts you will get a clear understanding of the inspiration behind their web ideas and the opportunities NewMe has presented them. The NewMe Accelerator will be featured on CNN’s Black in America 4 this fall.

Read their one on one profiles at CNNMoney and learn more about the three featured entrepreneurs on Interactive One.