10 Android Apps To Tease Your Brain

One of the biggest advantages to having smartphones and tablets is the ability to help keep your mind in top shape. Whether you’re riding home on the subway or simply relaxing at home, your phone or tab can prove to be a great source of educational (and general) entertainment. Studies have shown the things like puzzles and games that stretch your brain power can actually reduce the effects of memory related illness over time. Here are the top 10 apps for your Android based phone that will help keep you on your toes.

1. Wordfeud

Wordfeud is a free, multi-player game that allows users to battle friends or opponents for points while they try to use their tiles to make words (similar to Scrabble and the Words With Friends app for iPhone). Users can also chat with their opponents for free during the game and even play up to 30 different games simultaneously.

2. Speed Anatomy

How fast can you identify your gall bladder? Spped Anatomy is a the must-have game for biology and science lovers. Earn points for your speed and accuracy in identifying the various parts of the human body while stretching your memorization skills.

3. Wikimobile Encyclopedia

Have access to more than 2+ million Wikipedia articles with you, including photos. And the best part? The app works in half the time it takes to use Wikipedia on a traditional Android browser.

4. Necktie Knot

For any woman (or man) who has ever wondered how to properly knot various types of neckties, this is the app for you. Necktie Knot provides step by step instructions (and photos) of how to do the 10 basic types of knots. A great app to have for both curiosity and emergency business meetings.

5. Spin Cube Lite

Spin Cube Lite is a Rubik’s Cube with a digital twist. There are 2×2 to 10×10 cubes to pick from.

6.  Google Translate for Android

A good app repertoire would not be complete without Google Translate. Whether you’re studying for an exam, need help with your homework, or just want to talk to someone sitting next to you on the subway, Google Translate is one of the easiest apps for quick language learning.

7.  Shazam

We’ve all had that annoying experience when we hear a song on the radio but can’t identify its name. Shazam is an app that helps you to identify, buy and share any song that’s playing, regardless of how noisy the background is.

8.  U.S. Constitution App

The full, unedited Constitution at your fingertips. Search by article, amendment or section.

9. First Aid

A free, and potentially life saving app with tons of helpful instructions about how to administer various types of first aid. Watch video tutorials and test your knowledge of proper first aid procedures.

10.  Memory Trainer

A simple yet effective app that allows you to test your memory, concentration and chunking skills.



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