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Drum Circle Kids for iPad Teaches Multicultural History of Drums
Apr 7, 2011 Aug 20, 2013

Drum Circle Kids is an app for iPad that allows your child to create unique jam sessions by tapping on five colorfully animated drummers. By toggling the drummers on and off, you can create dozens of possible sound combinations. You can also explore the scenery to discover ambient sounds hidden there.

In the learn section, kids can swipe from one drum to the next and touch to play each drum while learning fun drum facts. Includes: the American Trap Set, Caribbean Steel Pan, Chinese Drum, Cuban Conga and the West African Djembe with more drums to come!

Intended for toddlers, age 18 month+, the game was developed by Imani Powell-Razat. Imani is a mom and designer/illustrator for Harlem-based Spye Design. Drum Circle Kids, created as a "multicultural celebration of the world's drums," was developed using Corona SDK, a cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Not only is it cool to see a mom develop an app, but I'm sure there are grown people who can't operate an iPad as smoothly as the kid in the video below. Check out the vid and download the app from iTunes.

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