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BranchOut Launches Ultimate Internship Contest

Say the words “Facebook app” and it dredges up thoughts of games like Cafe World, Mafia Wars or FarmVille and those annoying requests from friends that pop up in your timeline. Who would’ve thought that one of these apps could be doing something that’s useful?

Apparently, the makers of BranchOut did. BranchOut is a networking and career tool  that utilizes your Facebook account to help you make business connections. This may sound a little like LindkedIn, and it is–the service even lets you import your profile information from LinkedIn. What makes BranchOut different is that it takes your already existing Facebook friends and turns them into an active career network within the structure of Facebook and also features a job search with over millions of job and internship posts, essentially making it so you never have to leave Facebook for these services (yet another excuse to fuel Facebook addiction).

The app, which has been around since July of last year, also recently launched it’s Ultimate Internship Contest.  For the contest, BranchOut partnered with companies like Levi’s, Disney, Facebook, Okayplayer and others to offer twenty-four internship opportunities. According to BranchOut founder Rick Marini, The contest is in response to the drops in on-campus recruitment by companies since the economic downturn. Even more interesting, most of the internships offered by the companies center around new media and technology.

To enter the contest, potential interns simply install the app to their Facebook accounts and then submit their resumes. After that, they must get five endorsements from their Facebook friends. Once these tasks are complete, recruiters will review the candidates and follow-up with the strongest candidates. The contest is a great way to showcase just how effective a tool the app can be for career searching and networking, especially for the younger users who might find LinkedIn a little too corporate and stodgy for their tastes.

BranchOut’s Ultimate Internship Contest officially started on January 19th, but potential interns can apply through March 31st, so stop sending FarmVille requests and get to it.

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