Black Web 2.0
Sulia Makes It Easy to Follow Your Interests
Feb 3, 2011 Aug 20, 2013

One of the best things about Twitter is the access it gives you to the news and views of experts and cultural tastemakers. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to gather all your favorite experts into groups based on their specialties without the tedious task of making your own personal list? Now there's no need as Sulia has done it for you.

Sulia isn’t new to the scene. The company has actually been around for awhile, under the name TLists. The company itself, though, has undergone some changes. After raising $3.5 million in venture capital in 2010, the company announced a rebranding late last year in which it changed its name and expanded from just being a tool for web publishers and Twitter apps and actually became a destination website.

Being one of Twitter’s strategic partners, Sulia has already established partnerships with some of the heavy weights among Twitter apps, including the ever-popular TweetDeck, Flipboard, Mashable and Ubertwitter.

It’s partnership with Twitter also gives it access to Twitter’s list directories. This means that they can create their channels using information directly from Twitter itself. The channels that a user appears in are determined by their appearance on the millions of Twitter lists. It then ranks them based on their number of appearances on said lists. These channels run the gamut from Arts & Entertainment to Politics & Causes to Business & Professions.

Each main list also has been broken into separate, smaller lists for those who want to refine their list selection even further. For example, under it’s Living list users can find the African American Culture list. This list features tweets from African-American culture experts like Roland Martin, Farai Chideya and, of course, Black Web 2.0.

So, if you would like to know the best sources to follow for all of your interests, point your browser to Sulia and give them a try.