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Ford Stays Ahead Of The Game With SYNC Destinations App
Jan 6, 2011 Aug 20, 2013

Ford has received acclaim from numerous industry experts for its SYNC system which is described as being ahead of its time. Last week, Ford continued on that pathway with the release of it's first mobile app called SYNC Destinations. The app is free and currently available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. A Blackberry version will be available in the near future as well.

Drivers with 2010 or 2011 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars equipped with SYNC traffic, directions, and information (TDI) can utilize every single aspect of the app. With the SYNC Destinations app, TDI users have an exclusive on-the-go link to their cloud-based SYNC Services account on, where they can add, save and manage “Saved Points” or addresses. A maximum of 25 Saved Points can be accessed from the app. Locations added via SYNC Destinations are immediately accessible through SYNC Services once in the vehicle, with turn-by-turn directions delivered to the car only a few simple voice commands away.

The app will also provide access to traffic information, powered by Inrix. Drivers can see real-time speed, accident, and incident information for highways and streets in 126 North American cities. Analyzing traffic data, Sync Destinations will provide drivers with recommended departure times, travel times, ETAs, and recommended routes based on current conditions. The app has reliable traffic forecasts that predict how travel times are expected to change over time, based on sophisticated analysis of current traffic conditions, day of the week, season, holidays and related days, current and forecast weather, accidents and road construction, as well as other unique local events such as school schedules, sports games and concerts. People living in gridlocked cities should be very excited about the capability of the app.

Worried about the safety aspect? Specific to SYNC Destinations is a 5 mph lockout feature, which automatically halts the app from running on a smartphone once it is detected to be traveling in excess of 5 mph, helping drivers stay focused on the task of driving. Ford is definitely raising the bar for real-time navigation and communication to your car. Who will follow in their car tracks? It might be time to head to the nearest Ford dealer. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.