iPad 2 Case at CES Contains Actual Mockup iPad 2

Dexim showed up at CES 2011 with a very interesting case design. The case was created for the iPad 2 and allows for a bluetooth keyboard to be magnetically attached to the front cover of the sleeve, giving you a laptop-style setup. There is also an option for those who want to keep things light and forget the keyboard.

While there have already been reports about cases surfacing for the iPad 2, this one is most interesting because it actually contained an iPad 2. Well, a machined mockup of an iPad 2. Close enough, right? Ok, not really.

The mockup is a bit slimmer than the original iPad with a taper towards the edges like an iPod Touch. It also mirrored the cutouts on the case, hinting at front and back cameras and a huge speaker. While we may not know exactly what the iPad 2 will bring, the case and mockup definitely give us a couple of big clues.

Well, there’s certainly a consistent iPad 2 make that these Chinese manufacturers seem to be designing against, and while there’s always the off chance that their info is wrong, it seems odd they’d go so far as to actually make the cases if they were unsure about their sources.

Are you looking forward to the iPad 2? More photos of this case and mockup at Engadget.

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