Foursquare + Facebook + Chat rooms = Chatsquare

Instant Messaging (IM) junkies can take it to another level with the creation and launch of Chatsquare. ChatSquare (ChatSq) enables users to instantly connect, share, and communicate with people around them in real-time. Because ChatSquare integrates location-based social networks (currently Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla) and communication channels into a single, simple-to-use mobile interface, users can easily share content and communicate in real time with people located around them. ChatSquare provides a chat room for each venue so users can have a group discussion and an inbox for a private messaging.

Despite the obvious concerns of potential “chat room” stalking (you can block people from within the specific venue chat rooms), this app could provide for some interesting moments out at restaurants, nightclubs classrooms and even large sporting events. Sports teams hosting games at their local venues could use this as a fan interaction “zone” talking and chatting with fans during an event. Customer service and the evaluation of the fan experience could become even more real-time and interactive.

Another potential use for this app could be at conferences. Many times at conferences the best learning occurs in the discussions after breakouts or general sessions. Questions become an extension of the sessions and further ideas are born. Imagine if those discussion are now within an app that people who aren’t physically present at the session can now participate. This is definitely a legitmate backchannel solution for conferences.

A more humorous look at an app could occur at restaurant. Once widespread adoption occurs, you can get real-time updates on peoples meals and make a more “accurate” selection for your entree. Associates of the restaurant should also have a monitoring system in place to stay in close touch with the customers. Soon, Chatsquare will enable businesses to communicate in realtime with their customers, create a real location based community around their business and publish easy to discover offers to Chatsquare entire network of users.

To access the app, you only need to visit on your mobile browser. Android and iPhone users can have 100% full access via the mobile browser. Gowalla users can also check-in and use this app as well. Expect continued improvement and added features moving forward. Is Chatsquare an app you would use while you are out and about? Try it out and let us know your experiences in the comments section.

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