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Silicon Valley Meets Black Web 2.0

This past week was a whirlwind!  Aside from speaking with the Black Googler Network which was super exciting in and of itself our meet-up had even more in store for us.

The Black Googler Network
Speaking to these inviduals was beyond great. I had the opportunity to meet several people from various aspects of the company and they got to learn more about me and my journey with Black Web 2.0/Black Web Media.  What was most encouraging is how many young women and men who’ve been hired from HBCU’s.  Inspiring.  We’ll fill you all in on more specifics of this program and others in a detailed article in the coming week.

Another inspiring moment was the conversation that we’ve had on this site a number of times as well as at the NewME conference around making our community creators not just consumers; this same thought transcended coasts to the other side of country.  We discussed some great ideas around our community including how to get the youth more invovled in technology, how to create “a plan” that will serve all the touchpoints in our community.  The idea focused on elementary school as well as the next steps– when that person goes to high school or college, and even after that when that person starts a start-up and realizes they don’t have access to a friends and family round.  Last but not least, creating more stories around peole doing great things in technology, including entreprenuers who’ve already exited successfully.  All stages are important for us to create a complete “life cycle” around being doers/creators and creating more doers/creators.

Black Web 2.0/NewME Meet-up
I am still buzzing from all the positive energy in the room from last night.  While there have been meetups for Blacks in the Bay Area, we got so much love on the event and the ability to put it together so quickly and so nicely.  Many have already stressed just how bad that this was needed in The Valley proper.  The night was full of great conversation for about 4 hours… we all didn’t want to leave!  🙂  While I don’t live in the area, part of what makes my job still so much fun is the ability to connect people in hopes that great things will blossom from the new relationship.  I’m positive this happened 10 times over (if not more) last night.

The crowd was a mix of professionals from Facebook, Google, Tivo, Sony, Apple and other awesome companies I’m sure I’m forgetting right now.  There were also some really inspiring entrepreneurs there as well as some people in Private Equity who have money to invest and are willing to spend it.  I’ve already gotten so many emails about how great last night was it does seem a bit sad to go however I’m optimistic that my next trip here will be even better.

My week in the Bay Area was…absolutely amazing.  Now, I can certainly understand what people mean about the energy here, there are lots of creative juices flowing around these parts.  I’m looking forward to more trips to the area but even more to connect the east and west minority tech communities.



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