Google Adds App Search. Frostwire Goes Mobile. Android Market to Get PayPal Support.

Users of Android and iPhone devices have recently noticed a feature on Google search for mobile that lets you search for apps. Searching for an app will give you more details on that app at the top of your results. You can also use the “more” dropdown to access Android/iPhone App Search directly. While the feature is just being discovered, Google actually announced it back in June.

The Android Market recently crossed the 100,000 app boundary and critics have already pointed out that finding the exact app you need is difficult. Searching using the Market app is simplistic and third-party solutions don’t completely solve the problem. Using Google search directly may make it easier to find the app you need as well as making sure it’s legit. As Android Police points out, it would be great to see an Install button added as well. Still, a direct link to the app in the market saves some time. Also, keep in mind that this feature works for finding iPhone apps as well.

Frostwire Mobile P2P

Now, it will be easier to locate apps like Frostwire, which lets you search, browse and share files locally and over the Internet using Wi-Fi in a P2P-style network all from your Android phone. With the Limewire software banned from distribution by Limewire LLC, Frostwire is the next runner-up for P2P file-sharing. It works on your desktop and now also your Android. It will be interesting to see if they will face a similar fate to Limewire as they both run on top of the Gnutella network.

PayPal Checkout in Android Market

Another problem plaguing the Android market is the process of purchasing apps. One quick fix for this would be integration with PayPal to replace the current checkout method. According to an accidental post by PayPal, this feature should be on the way soon. They’ve since taken down the post, but Google sees all.

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