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Life can get so busy that even ordering food can be too time consuming.  You have to look up the number for the restaurant, deal with the common “Can you please hold?” question, explain your order multiple times, and then hope that you have enough cash to pay for your order.  If you have an iPhone, this process can be streamlined and made more efficient by using these free apps.

Pizza Hut
The Pizza Hut app provides a way to order fresh steaming pizza from the nearest store.  You’ll have to create an account at, but the app lets you directly access the registration form in the iPhone’s Safari browser.  After you sign up, you chose whether you want to order for delivery, carry out, or dine-in.  The phone will use the GPS ability of your iPhone to find the Pizza Hut restaurants that are closest to your current location.  You’ll then select the size, type of crust, and number of toppings of your pizza.  You can also add side items like wings or pasta.  The ability to create an iFave which is a saved set of selections that you can use for future orders is a nice touch.  There are many coupons and specials are offered by the app.  After you create your order, you can chose to pay using saved credit card information or cash.

Although it lacks the ability to deliver food to your residence, the Chipotle app does a great job of putting together your favorite order.  Unlike the Pizza Hut app, it’s best to use a computer to create your account before trying to use the app.  Once you do so, you’ll be able to add a burrito, bowl, taco (soft or crispy), salad, or a side item to your order.  After you create your order, you can give it a name which can be saved for future orders.  You’ll pay for your order using the credit card information entered during account setup.

Fresh Direct
While the Pizza Hut and Chipotle apps can be used to order from any of the many locations provided by those national restaurant chains, the Fresh Direct app only works for existing Fresh Direct customers.  Fresh Direct provides service to most of Manhattan and many parts of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx as well as parts of New Jersey.  By using this app, you can search through the many grocery items that Fresh Direct will deliver to your home or office.  The app will keep track of your order history and suggest deals or additional items to add to your order.

City Mint
This app gives you the ability to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to your home or office.  Unfortunately, it currently only works for New York City and San Francisco.  If you live in one of those two cities, then the app will use geolocation to find nearby restaurants that offer delivery service.  You’ll be able to browse their menus, make your selections, and then wait for the delivery person to arrive at your door.

Are there any other food ordering apps we should know about? Share your finds in the comments section.

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