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Women and Minorities Underrepresented in Media, Telecommications
Aug 9, 2010 Aug 20, 2013

Earlier this week, Black Web 2.0 covered CB Insights' report on the makeup of Internet companies that received their first round of  funding in the the first half of this fiscal year. The news was not encouraging with only 1% percent of tech companies in the sample set had an all-black founding teams. When it came to funding, African-American founders were only awarded a median amount of $1.3 million compared $2.3 million for an all-white team. That information is further buoyed by the latest report from Capitol Hill.
Senator Robert Menendez recently released a report that summarizes a voluntary survey polling the top corporations in the country on their hiring practices regarding women and minorities. The report examined the number women and minorities in senior leadership positions or sitting on corporate boards. According to the report: