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5 Must Read Blogs for Black Entrepreneurs
Aug 6, 2010 Aug 20, 2013

It is vital that entrepreneurs stay abreast of the latest developments in the business world.  When I was in business school, we were required to keep up with the latest issues of publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, and the The Economist.  However, blogs also provide valuable insights into what it takes to become an entrepreneur as well as how to maintain and grow your business. Here are five blogs written by African Americans that should be required reading for black entrepreneurs.

1.  YFS Magazine

Focus:  Advice and Tools for Entrepreneurs

YFS stands for “young, fabulous, and self-employed”, and that sums up the purpose of this blog.  Written by a trio of female entrepreneurs, this site covers topics like how to start a business, accounting software for small businesses, and the gadgets that help you run your company in style.

2.  2010 Club
Focus: Entrepreneurship for Black Women

While the United States has one of the brightest examples of black female empowerment living in the White House, it is often helpful to have examples of how “regular women” make it through everyday life as business owners. The 2010 Club blog profiles black female entrepreneurs who are building their empires from the ground up.  It also provides useful tips for everyone like how to use PR to increase your sales.

3.  Brand Maker News
Focus:  Brands

With a mission to “help urban entrepreneurs build unstoppable brands”, this blog shares tools and techniques for building your company’s brand identity.  The site analyzes the brands of celebrities like Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige so you can understand how they brand themselves.  Brand Maker News also publishes helpful tips like how to save your brand from yourself when using online social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

4.  Debt Hater
Focus:  Financial Independence

The financial misfortunes of stars like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, MC Hammer, and TLC are cautionary tales that prove the need to have a strong personal balance sheet no matter your income level.  The Debt Hater blog chronicles the story of how one woman clawed her way out of debt and her plans to stay debt free.  She covers monthly reports of her finances with her readers and also shares her opinion about topics like how much money to spend on weddings.

5.  The Cash Flow
Focus:  Profiles of Entrepreneurs and Startup Tools

Navarrow Wright profiled the The CashFlow earlier this year (along with an audio interview with its founder, Magnus Greaves), and I wanted to add it to this list because it is such a helpful site. covers famous entrepreneurs like Magic Johnson and up and coming ones like Sirena Moore.  The tools on the site range from guides on incorporation to how to gain startup financing.

Adding these five blogs to your RSS reader of choice will provide you with regular and timely information about how to get your company off the ground and keep it rising to higher altitudes of profitability.