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Social Media Police: Toying with History on Twitter
Jul 30, 2010 Aug 20, 2013

Periodically, I check to see if I have new followers on Twitter, and was surprised to find out that Bessie Coleman,Matthew Henson and Benjamin Banneker were waiting for me to follow them back. Something about that was intriguing and after a closer inspection I learned that a toy manufacturer was also following me. H.I.A. or History in Action is the brainchild of D.C. lawyer Sterling Ashby, who developed the line of historical action figures in response to a dearth and to give parents and children a way to engage based on a simple question, "Who is this?"
After surveying Sterling's H.I.A. site, I gave him a call. I most certainly had to ask, 'Who developed your social media strategy?' Humbly, Sterling told me that he didn't outsource and that the idea to give each figure its own Twitter I.D. was his own. Sterling also admitted that time was a prohibitor in pursuing more social media to market his product. One of the timesavers he has employed is HootSuite and it is a smart option; however, there are other options that will not only complement his current efforts but maybe even translate to sales.

Mr. Ashby has begun a smart social media campaign. He got my attention and I've taken the steps he should anticipate from someone who follows the figures and his company.
Well, to make his campaign the smartest it can be until he has more time to devote to marketing, I've got a few suggestions based on my immediate impressions of his online presence.

The Action Figures on Twitter