Shirley Sherrod is Suing Blogger Andrew Breitbart

Ousted USDA official Shirley Sherrod offered a multitude of minority journalists the scoop of a lifetime when she announced her plans to sue blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Sherrod, told a panel hosted by the National Association of Black Journalists that she will indeed sue the man who featured a snippet of a speech she gave in March, where she discloses having to deal with her own racism over twenty years ago. Breitbart created and fueled a major furor leading to Sherrod’s dismissal and eventual humiliation over what amounted to a comment taken out of context.

During the discussion, Sherrod explained that she felt like a failure the night she received news of her firing but was now feeling gratitude for the support she’s received.

To date, Breitbart has acknowledged that he did rush to judgment but did not “maliciously” alter the video of Sherrod speaking to the NAACP. Still, he’s adamant in calling her a racist. In an interview, the unrepentant and unapologetic Breitbart likens Shirley Sherrod to the racist cop in the movie, Crash.

“I don’t think Sherrod wants America to watch the full video because if you ever saw the movie ‘Crash,’ an important character in that movie, the racist cop, played by Matt Dillon, in which he sexual assaults a black woman in front of her husband as a means to humiliate him. He’s blatantly racist, but at the end of the movie he saves that woman when she’s dying in a car crash. When you listen to Shirley, she admits that she sees things in black and white, she says it, but she also did the right thing as it relates to the farmer. ”

Breitbart continued, “I believe that Shirley sees things through a racial prism. She has the right to do that. I’m sorry that the White House threw her under the bus. I did not ask for her to be investigated. I did not ask for her to be fired.”

But Breitbart concluded that the problem lies squarely with the “mainstream media.”

“I am fighting back against the malicious alliance between the NAACP and the media to try to destroy the Tea Party based upon the false charges of racism,” he said.

[Is he not “mainstream media?”]

The panel, Context and Consequences: A Conversation with Shirley Sherrod, featured CNN anchor Don Lemon and two other journalists who asked Sherrod a number of questions about the circumstances surrounding her dismissal from the USDA. Moreover, the group discussed the responsibility of journalists and bloggers to tell the truth.

Once Brietbart’s name was mentioned, the 62 year old from Georgia told the audience, “I wish Breitbart was here,” and proceeded to share that she plans a meeting with him in the near future. And she also dropped the “lawsuit” bombshell.



Saic_wife says:

she is a racist – and so is her husband! If the races were reveresed, oh hell – I can't even imagine how up in arms the blacks would be! God save this country from evil blacks!

Antonio watkins says:

Wonder what this will mean for bloggers as a whole

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