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Does the $20 Million Black Gossip Blogger Exist?

The web has been buzzing with the news that Avid Life Media is interested in purchasing popular gossip blog to the tune of $20 million. If you’re unfamiliar with Avid Life, a subidiary of Eight Days Incthey are the owners of and, a set of gossip blogs. According to Gawker, if the purchase were to go through, Perez’s site would retain all its employees, although there is no mention of what role Perez (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.) himself would play if any. Provided this isn’t a publicity stunt to boost both Perez and Avid Life’s already considerable cred on the web, the newly formed gossip triumpherant would be a font of dirty, sexy, money — minus the sexy.

So if is worth $20 million (or more depending on who you ask), is there anyone on the gossip front in black media that could hope to command such a handsome sum? The first name that immediately comes to mind for me is NecoleBitchie. The reason being is that like Perez, Necole is a one woman branding machine that is constantly on the grind bringing us all the juicy, despicable, tidbits that are the fodder of hair and nail salon gossip (Mmm, hmmm. Giiiiirrl!). Bitchie is one of the most influential gossip bloggers in urban media. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to respect that work ethic.

The Atlanta-based blogger is currently engaged in what appears to be a content partnership with Global Grind in addition to running Bitchie also has some serious social media chops maintaining a MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, page along with a podcast. All of that and not one photo defiled with drawn-in bodily fluid added after the fact.

Still, would that in any way position her for a $20 mil exit?



Kagem says:

Sorry, I thought it didn't post. Apologies.

Kagem says:

I think this feature is biased, but perhaps unintentionally. What Quantcast thinks is irrelevant, the question is how much money are they making?

NB is a great media product, but it is not as big as YBF or Concrete Loop in my opinion, for the simple fact that it is a personalised brand, whereas the latter two are more broader brands that go beyond their founders (Concrete Loop more so than YBF).

I would not be surprised to hear if YBF or Concrete Loop were acquired.

If you are a buyer, would you buy NB if you know that one day she will leave? It dilutes the value because her readers will leave with her if she doesn't sign an NDA/

Kagem says:

Out of all the websites, it would be that could be acquired and provide a good exit for Angel.

It's more of a brand than NB as she has personalised her website too much about her. What if it was acquired and she left the company? Her readers would go with her. Not a good business look for a potential buyer.

If your brand is too connected to you, it can't grow beyond you.

Still a good media product but too 'one woman' brand.

Also co-sign that YBF is bigger than NB in regards of brand recognition.

prom gowns says:

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Sincere says:

@theblackman Perez Hilton began his site in 2004 in his living room/bedroom in the same way most of these black gossip sites began theirs. He eventually created a staff who ran the site while he was able to brand himself as a “household name”. Perez was able to garner television, radio, and label deals because of the following that he generated with his site. Do you think that they would have offered him a TV deal with no following? Doesn't make sense.

So the point of my comment is, if Perez was able to do it, any one of the aforementioned gossip sites has a chance of doing it as well.

Jessica says:

Yeah the article is clearly bias in my opinion. I'm not hating but there are sites out there like and wshh that are pulling millions of visitors a day and they got video content. Frontpagehiphop ( had the yung berg exlcusive but didn't credit for it. Anyways, anything you can get on her site you can get on other sites so I would have liked to see other blogs. credit to nechole tho

John lee says:

What would someone pay 20 million for in the black space? A word press database and a bunch of unlicensed pictures lol? For that much you can build your own brand, market it, hire people, and most companies are doing that already in the black space (msn's thegriot, Washington post and 'theroot', etc.). Wake up black peoples and stop bickering anonymously and tearing each other down in comment and forums. Let people do them…this article's writer wanted to submit one site as food for thought and there is nothing wrong with that. There is so much hate and vitriol in the black space .. Wake up and do you..don't complain about the next. And most of all…invent something.

Isn't it about being original, though? If someone's offering 20 mil for Perez, why would someone offer anything for a site covering the same 5 stories every day?

One of the best examples I'm reminded of is Nikke Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily. This is a highly respected, feared, and trafficked blog on the inside dealings in the movie business. When bought it for “an undisclosed sum”, it was clear why. Nobody was breaking stories like Nikke was. Now she has a staff of writers and she's covering New York, LA, and the world. This has expanded her reach, and that's good for business.

leilany says:

Funnily enough this article seems to mention one and only one website. don't get me wrong i do not doubt of the professionnalism and the unique approach of the blog mentionned above. however we would have liked to hear about other possible contenders to the 20million price take. a site that comes to mind is ladyfreshupmag or even YBF,both largely deseved to be mentionned.


rmcaldwell says:

LOL I guess you didn't read the post, huh? 'My' people thank you for commenting.

Kae says:

Meant Brownsista is great too. Clutch is my fave of all time.

Kae says:

Wow. Clutch is the most unique site out for black women period. Have you been there and read their content and design? In a leagure of their own really. And Brownsista is more great too.

Militant Techie says:

This article is a joke. Black bloggers such as NecoleBitchie and MTO price their inventory at $1-2 CPM for brand advertisers. This subprime and commodity positioning undermines any value brand potential. A rational buyer has to consider the personality risk, what if the blogger personality gets hit by a car and doesn't want to do it anymore? Most rational buyers will discount the valuation based on too much being staked on an individual. Businesses that are based on a single individual have acquisition risks that are priced into the deal.

The shady offer for Perez Hilton had a goal to drive traffic to an all new domain, not continue under Perez Hilton so I think if you're making a comparison, this detail is important. You're most likely scanario is there will be a very smart white person who will roll up all the most trafficked Black blogs and dominate the space because Blacks move too slow and hate working with each other. Your people will continue to stay losin'.

John doe says:

Valuations are typically a combination of traffic, ip, and earnings (moreso the ip and earnings). Blogs are a hard sell in most cases because the model isn't based on a technology .. It revolves around a person or movement that may not be able to be maintained of purchased…plus it's something that can be reproduced for far less money (hence why you see 10 new ones popping up for every one that goes away) When blogs are
purchased by other media companies .. It's definitely for reach and earnings where the valuation is a
multiplier of the earnings (typically 2-6x in the media space). Selling content that is not based on innovatio can be a hard sell.

Ken Gibbs Jr says:

At the end of the day a $20M price tag is about traffic, and Perezhilton has about 7 times (2,099 in comScore last month) as much as Concreteloop, which is the largest mentioned here by nearly 90k.

rmcaldwell says:

Witch H., can you do anything in life and maintain your integrity? That's the real question. Unfortunately, there is no inherent bias towards Necole here, if there were we'd tell it. Here was the impetus for choosing Necole:

“The reason being is that like Perez, Necole is a one woman branding machine that is constantly on the grind bringing us all the juicy, despicable, tidbits that are the fodder of hair and nail salon gossip (Mmm, hmmm. Giiiiirrl!). Bitchie is one of the most influential gossip bloggers in urban media. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to respect that work ethic.”

If we were one-sided, then it's due to making that immediate comparison only. If you read our site's content, bloggers are not only respected but often profiled. Necole has been mentioned but never featured.

And most $20 mil bloggers are media owners like Ariana Huffington, for example. Not sure if she's maintained her integrity. I'd hope so. 😉

Witch Hazel says:

This article is extremely one-sided. Why not give us a list of black bloggers who could volley for that $20 million spot instead of weighing this in favor of Necole? As a blogger, I read her site, as well as many others to say informed, and what grabs me is that a lot of these more “successful” bloggers start out writing way more controversial content, with actual OPINIONS. Then they get a few sponsorship deals or become “brands” unto themselves and their blogs just turn into mushy pictorials with posts like “So-and-so celebrity was in Paris this weekend, partying it up… here's the picture.” And that's it! That's all you get. No real content. No exclusive and no real opinion about anything. And, you can read/see what they've posted on every other blog in existence.


rmcaldwell says:

Hi there, thanks for dropping by. The article is biased informed on fact, and numbers from Quantcast and Compete. We clearly state that Necole Bitchie is the only gossip blogger who has branded by name like perez hilton. Yep, all the rest mentioned are successful, yada yada, but in the case of Clutch it is a lifestyle online pub and would hardly be categorized as gossip. Actually, it's in a different league.

serene says:

I think the article is obviously bias. I think the necole's site is probably her favorite. Necole usually has pictures, and she has stories u can get from any other blog. If we're talkin gossip blogs…she's def not the one. I don't ever remember a exclusive from her site. Now YBF….has broken exclusive after exclusive. Yeah sometimes YBF gets something wrong, but its a gossip site, sometimes you hit a big one, and sometimes you don't. Necole's blog…def not it. And agree, none of these blogs are really original anyways….sometimes i think there are too many of em

1stassistanttosomeoneamazing says:

I hear you! But i don't agree with your choices. Nothing “original about those two sites you mentioned. This is not about original. This is about who brings in the greenbacks. And Gossip is big business. Hate it or love it.

melissa says:

yeah I agree is more popular and known than necole!! This article is bias

ThyBlackMan says:

There is nothing original about any of thy BLACK GOSSIP sites so I don't believe any company would spend 20 million for one… We must not forget Perez Hilton is a household name… The man has been on TV, and more… A true insider…

Now still If I interested in the black female demo as an investor the top 2 sites on my list would be and ClutchMag… Real content and not that GOSSIP crap…

1stassistanttosomeoneamazing says:

And Natasha was on the COVER of BlackEnterprise recently . NO other black blogger was. Hands down Natasha from theybf with Angel from concreteloop 2nd.

1stassistanttosomeoneamazing says:

Hands down Natasha from theybf . Necole was the LAST person to come to mind. Not the first. It's a fact that Natasha actually makes just as much money as Perez.

STR8FIRE says:

Lol @ the MTO comment please! Most ppl you know prolly only use the internet when the public library is open, if all they know is MTO. She deserves it. Necole and Angel are the only black bloggers worth mentioning & have decent sites.

whatevs says:

yea Perez I can see Necole not so much..she dibbles in gossip, she doesn't cover EVERYTHING..if you log onto Perez site they upon everything Blk,Wht,Latin….Necole not so much

lorena321 says:

MTO ain't worth but 50 cents and a bucket of fried chicken….. I believe Necole has the potential.

NM says:

Dig it. She deserves every penny.

melissa says:

i really don't think necole bitchie would be top would probably be MTO..most ppl i know don't know her

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