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Does the $20 Million Black Gossip Blogger Exist?
May 21, 2010 Aug 20, 2013

The web has been buzzing with the news that Avid Life Media is interested in purchasing popular gossip blog to the tune of $20 million. If you're unfamiliar with Avid Life, a subidiary of Eight Days Incthey are the owners of and, a set of gossip blogs. According to Gawker, if the purchase were to go through, Perez's site would retain all its employees, although there is no mention of what role Perez (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.) himself would play if any. Provided this isn't a publicity stunt to boost both Perez and Avid Life's already considerable cred on the web, the newly formed gossip triumpherant would be a font of dirty, sexy, money --- minus the sexy.

So if is worth $20 million (or more depending on who you ask), is there anyone on the gossip front in black media that could hope to command such a handsome sum? The first name that immediately comes to mind for me is NecoleBitchie. The reason being is that like Perez, Necole is a one woman branding machine that is constantly on the grind bringing us all the juicy, despicable, tidbits that are the fodder of hair and nail salon gossip (Mmm, hmmm. Giiiiirrl!). Bitchie is one of the most influential gossip bloggers in urban media. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to respect that work ethic.

The Atlanta-based blogger is currently engaged in what appears to be a content partnership with Global Grind in addition to running Bitchie also has some serious social media chops maintaining a MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, page along with a podcast. All of that and not one photo defiled with drawn-in bodily fluid added after the fact.

Still, would that in any way position her for a $20 mil exit?