Microsoft Introduces Spindex – A Different Type of Social Aggregator

Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, has just released information about a new tool on the market called Spindex. Spindex is Microsoft’s first entry into the social aggregation space where we already have FriendFeed (a personal favorite), Cliqset and Google Buzz. Spindex takes a slightly different approach. FUSE LAB defines Spindex as “bringing you an overview of your entire social world in one page. With Spindex you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, RSS, and Bing – with more services on the way. Communicate with your friends wherever they are. Find what’s new, what’s popular, and see personalized trending topics.”

The first difference to other social aggregators is the inclusion of Evernote within the Spindex structure. As we have mentioned before on BW 2.0, Evernote is an extremely powerful tool so I am excited that other companies are looking to leverage it’s powerful. Apparently, you can also keep track of the things you are remembering via Evernote – right inside of your Spindex page. Therefore, Evernote actually gains more value as you could use Evernote as your first “point of contact” when researching and discovering new info. Then you can hop on Spindex to see what your friends have to say or other articles they have found on similar sites. I am curious as to how the voice notes and camera notes fit into Spindex. If the technology they eventually develop is able to synchronize those two types of notes, there would be a high ceiling of possibilities for Spindex.

The second interesting piece to the Spindex puzzle is how they use Bing. As you are reading through your friends updates (or shares) on Spindex,  there is a personalized trending topics window which pulls from data that is being shared from your friends. No more trending topics based on who is on 106 & Park everyday, the latest internet memes or who is having a big game in the NBA Playoffs which is commonly found while on Twitter. If the implementation successful, it will be another valuable way to discover new and breaking information from a group of people online you have grown to trust.

The one concerning aspect of Spindex that I discovered is that there is less focus on real time currently. I still feel that the real-time web is very important and part of our future. Perhaps moving forward there will be updates to Spindex that will incorporate some real-time features. I am also anxious to see which additional services are added to Spindex. Spindex is current in private beta. Stay tuned here for more updates on Spindex as well as a release date into public beta. What are your thoughts so far? Let us know in the comments section.

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