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GetGlue Gets Serious About Likes and New Releases

GetGlue is a service which helps you specify those things that you are interested in. You can visit the website to Like and Comment on things by browsing through categories, but it works best as a browser plugin. As you browse specific websites, GetGlue gives you the option to Like what you see, comment on it, and share it to your network. From their site:

GetGlue is an innovative social recommendation network for movies, books, and music. The GetGlue website provides a recommendation stream based on personal tastes, what friends like, and what’s most popular right now. The GetGlue browser addon brings filtered friend reviews, personal recommendations, and contextual content to popular sites around the web, such as Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, and hundreds more.

GetGlue gives us a basic look at what the semantic web really means. We usually think of the web in terms of pages or sites that we visit. This works great from a technical perspective, but is not necessarily how we think about things. What GetGlue does is break the web into categories and sub-categories. If you say you like Lil Wayne, GetGlue recognizes this relationship whether you’re looking at his page on Wikipedia,, or browsing Amazon.

GetGlue has been around for quite a while and has just recently added human editors to make the service a little more interesting. While GetGlue can figure out what other things you might like based on what you and your friends have liked in the past, it can’t figure out how you might respond to new releases on it’s own. The editors scan across all categories of new releases and help those new pieces fit into the puzzle. This allows the system to recommend upcoming movies, books, music, etc. for you.

In addition to adding new releases, GetGlue has redesigned the user interface. Images are more of a focus and things are a little less cluttered. The new Most Recommended option will show you what items come highly recommended based on what you’ve previously liked. The Messages section helps you keep in touch with the community, helping you keep track of responses to your comments and things of that nature.

You might be asking how GetGlue will be able to compete with Facebook’s Graph API, which lets any publisher put a Like button on their page. Surely this renders GetGlue pretty useless, right? Wrong. Facebook’s entire Like system is currently geared towards individual web sites, not topics or users. It’s not a semantic system. The information they gather about you is primarily used for the benefit of advertisers. Facebook also doesn’t provide you with fancy badges.



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