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The popular blogging service Posterous added a simple yet important feature in the past few days. You are now able to register your own custom domain within the Posterous service. For example, if you wanted to register the site, you would log on to Posterous, enter the prospective domain name, check the availability and then you are off and running. This process eliminates many of the technical steps you had to take in the past such as adjusting the DNS settings and actually buying the domain name. The prices for this service range from $24.99/one year commitment to $19.99/two year commitment to even $12.99/five year commitment (48% discount). Another bonus is that Posterous also allows you to set up your own calendar, email and wiki’s through Google Apps. Very smart addition as well which will show its value immediately.

Tumblr, Posterous’ biggest competitor, also offers custom domains but not through its own site and not integrated with Google. Advantage Posterous. Personally, I am a huge fan of Posterous. The ease of posting pictures, articles, andlinks via email opens up a whole new world of potential bloggers. The addition of this feature struck a cord with me because now even less “tech savvy” people can start from scratch with a domain name and bring an entire new website to life within 30 minutes.

While the custom domains are pretty sweet, Posterous still has some improvements to make. Within their comments engine, they need to allow “threaded” comments. In terms of storage space, the site also needs to increase the upper limit of storage space with is currently 2GB. The lack of themes could also be improved. They recently added different theme options, but more are needed. Posterous also recently added the ability to schedule posts for the future which is another simple but valuable addition.

Posterous seems to be widening the gap between itself and any competitors. They continue to tweak and perfect their product which is impressive. I will keep an eye on continued developments. Will you be registering your next domain name with Posterous? Tell us about your experience with Posterous in the comments section.

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