NBC Celebrates Black History Month with Fried Chicken and Corn Bread

Fried chicken, collard greens, black eyed peas, and cornbread. Sounds good, right? Well, once you place in the context of NBC’s menu today, it might just leave a bad taste in your mouth. This menu (photo below) was posted as being In Honor of Black History Month. At this time, it’s unclear whose idea this was. The only thing we can say is that it was a bad idea.

Drummer @questlove of  The Roots, NBCU employee, brought this to our attention today via Twitter. His commentary on it? “Hmm HR?”


It’s not the fact that NBC wanted to celebrate Black History month. It’s not the fact that they had fried chicken and southern-style/soul food on the menu. The problem is with the overall picture.


Of course, Twitter was on fire with people commenting and retweeting the photo as Questlove has about 1.2 million followers. Most people share the opinion that this was in bad taste.



Right now, we don’t know the details of the situation. We don’t know if maybe this menu was requested by the staff for Black History Month. Maybe Questlove didn’t get the memo.

Maybe it was just a coincidence – we’re lacking some context. What did the Commissary serve yesterday? Did it also have a Black History Month note on the menu then (and might every day this month)? Does ?uestlove eat at the Commissary every day, or just today? Can the Internet answer these questions for me? I don’t know. (via Mediaite commentator)


One Tweeter had this to say, “Not sure why NBC celebrates Black History Month…they sure don’t hire or feature any over at MSNBC!” Well, that is a whole different can of worms, but does bring us to an interesting point. Well, not very interesting, since it’s the same one we always come to. I’m referring to the fact that we all don’t get each other entirely. Although we try to work together as a multi-cultural society, there are just times when you should ask before taking action because you may come off looking all kinds of crazy.

Why do we still need Black History Month? This. This is why.

What do you think? I’m thinking where’s the watermelon.



wow..nice party there……

Sojournals says:

Since when is it racist to have soul food during Black History Month? I really believe people need to think before they act. Questlove obviously doesn't understand the responsibility he has to his audience to be careful what he broadcasts. With an audience of 1.2 million subscribers on his twitter feed the smallest thing can spread like wildfire and that's just what happened. Turns out the soul food menu was a feature that a long-term African-American employee of the NBC cafeteria had been pushing to get for years. WOW! Some of us really need to overcome the chocolate chip on our shoulders. A month doesn't pass where I haven't enjoyed collard greens and cornbread and I would have been delighted to see a menu that reflects my cultural heritage. Shame on anyone who thinks they have come to far to embrace their blackness. Please pass peas!

belairjeff says:

never would, deacon! never would! 🙂

Yes Someone at NBC should have put on their thinking cap. Regardless of the intention, this looks like it's promoting stereotypes.

jeff says:

Considering that people did and still do talk like that, is it unfair or bigoted for the sign to be written that way? We have all these stupid stereotypes…. Why can't we just get a laugh out of it and move on instead of thinking it is meant to be an insult. I think it would have been racial and insulting if it had said something like “get yo' black a$$ in here fo' some fried chicken, mofo's!” Lighten up! This super sensitivity to anything and everything is going to result in unrest in this country if we dont wake up to the stupidity!

Rahsheen says:

Someone at NBC should have put on their thinking cap. Regardless of the intention, this looks like it's promoting stereotypes. Especially the way the menu is worded: “NBC gonna cook y'all some fried chicken and vittles for Black History Month! You people like that, dontcha?!”

It's funny that some of y'all are comparing this to a soul food restaurant. It's *not* a soul food restaurant. It's the NBC cafeteria.

Anyways, here is a link to the cook's side of things:

Jeff says:

Give me a fork! let's all wake up to this stupidity! Who cares, is this an insult? People are too sensitive in this country. What'd ya say we close down all the soul food resturants to stop this racism?

Mama's Dls says:

Hey belairjeff,
It's good that you asked. Yes, go ahead and enjoy the hell out of some fried chicken. Just don't ever say it's in honor of Black folks.

Rock Hard! Rock Sexy!
– The Deacon
Mama's Dirty Li'l Secret

@Andrew I think you're right…

I also think that people are quick to jump on any celebrity band wagon. Quest tweeted it so it's something to be upset about…

What if the menu read un-fried chicken and watermelon sorbet?

If any American walked into any soul food restaurant(owned by any other culture) they would expect this menu.

Jalapeno cornbread are you kidding? I'm about to make some this weekend JUST because of this menu!

andrewbadera says:

This sounds a lot like a bit from 30 Rock recently, I seem to recall …

belairjeff says:

well then what's up with this? from Michelle Malkin's website; “On Martin Luther King Day last month, the Denver Public Schools served Southern-style fried chicken, biscuits, and collard greens for lunch. Despite the fact that MLK was actually from the South and actually liked those foods, the racial grievance crowd raised hell and complained that the menu was RAAAAACIST — prompting an apology from the school system.”

i'm confused. i don't know whether to eat friend chicken or not. someone provide me with direction.

crzybg says:

The chef is balck and it was her idea.

At one point she was near tears as people have been hateing on her so much.

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