MediaTakeOut’s Fred Mwangaguhunga Voted For “TheGrio’s 100″

The more lists the merrier?  At this point it looks like The Root and The Grio are going head to head, with The Grio 100 following after The Root’s TheRoot 100 late last year.  But I digress.  The real story here, and something that you may find of interest, is The Grio including MediaTakeOut’s Fred Mwangaguhunga on their list.  The overall list is a mix of the usual celebrites as well as some people you might not expect…a forest ranger, oceanographer, and others.  Fred represented as the only one from the New Media arena.  Additonally I think this video widget they are using to distribute the content is pretty cool.  Yes I know it is circa 2008 but lets not forget how many people in the “Urban” web space we’ve seen distribute this way, especially for this type of content.  I actually kind of like their video content in general as well.  Take a look at what Fred has to say on why they are the best Urban site out :

h/t Freddy O



Lauren says:

I agree with JustMe. How many real NEW MEDIA LEADERS – like Black Web 2.0, Clutch Magazine amongst others deserve to be on this list. There are way more non-gossip sites making real waves in the industry and bringing others up with them than just gossip. For Grio to be the type of site they claim to be – it's disappointing they didn't do research to find out who's really doing their thing in new black media. Black Enterprise, The Grio and The Root go for gossip and whoever one of their out the loop friends tell them about. Sad day indeed!

Justme says:

This is a sad day… The start of black history month, and they do a story on MEDIAFAKEOUT… What a shame… True black sites are being overlooked for this CRAP… Yeah these so called black ad networks just love that type of content… Guess we as blacks want to GOSSIP 24/7…

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