Dynamik Duo Presents UTicketIt

Dynamik Duo is at it again. The entrepreneurial team of Ashton and Ryan Clark has launched yet another business and it looks like another winner. The 21-year old twins recently rolled out UTicketIt, described as the “premier event management and registration” website. After navigating the unpredictable and oftentimes unorganized experience of purchasing tickets for college events, the Clark twins decided to build a better mousetrap.

The site’s premise is simple. College organizations, government organizations, small businesses and even non-profits can use the site to create a central information hub for an upcoming event. Event promoters post the event on UTicketIt. Once the event has been created, the promoter can send out promotional blasts, collect money, and distribute tickets in a one stop shop kind of deal.

Some of the Clark’s potential clientele utilize Facebook to get the word out about upcoming events, but as Ashton points out, it can become a real hassle when it comes time to do a final tally of attendees. “Just because people click the button, it doesn’t mean they’re actually going to attend.” To cut down on the headaches, the site creates an easy to read report that includes name, email address, phone number or any other information that the organizer deems pertinent.

Another event planning dilemma UTicketIt diffuses is lost or forgotten tickets.We’ve all experienced the old sweat-inducing panic of not having your ticket. And then there’s the frustration of trying to convince skeptical security that you left your ticket in your other pants, while your friends go into the party. event-goers can. Instead of sweating it out turning out pockets and purses, attendees  can walk up to the event organizer and give the answer to a security question that was asked upon attendance confirmation.

The site is set to launch sometime in February. But while we wait for Dynamik Duo to revolutionize the event planning forum, we can show our digital support. UTicketIt is currently entered in two competitions. The Morehouse College Innovative Business Plan Competition 2010 asks entrants to put their best business foot forward and submit their business plan to compete for a $20,000 top prize. They are also entered in the SparkSeed Social Entrepreneurship Competition that pits young entrepreneurs in a contest to see who has the best startup.

Voting for the SparkSeedCompetition closes on February 7. If you want to help Ashton and Ryan take home the gold, go to the SparkSeed page and click the follow button. With the simple click of a button, you’re laying the foundation for the next generation of black business and tech, pretty heady stuff when you think about it. So vote now and lend your support!

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